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Happy Birthday to Us, Part 11

This month (July 12th) marks SF Signal’s 11th Birthday. Yay us! 🙂

It’s been another great year here at SF Signal, and what better way to celebrate than to throw links at you faster than you can keep up with.


We’ve added an army of awesome contributors this past year, including (in the order they joined):

  • Pipedreamergrey, who is a master at collecting interesting genre-related links from around the web. Pipedreamergrey and I are alternating in this task so we can bring you the good stuff in the form of link posts on a daily basis.
  • Max Pfeffer, who is giving voice to independent authors with his Indie Author Spotlight series of interviews. Learn about worthwhile authors and books that might be falling below your radar.
  • Haralambi Markov, who is picking up some books and giving you some insightful book reviews.
  • Andrea Johnson (a.k.a. Little Red Reviewer), who is not only writing engaging reviews, but also helping convention first-timers in a column called Convention Attention. As if that weren’t enough, Andrea is also a Mind Meld moderator.
  • Meghan B., founding member of Stellar Four, is yet another avid reader in our ranks. That’s why she’s churning out some excellent reviews.
  • Megan S., Editor-in-Chief for Stellar Four, also joined our ranks. Megan’s post lean toward the fun side of sf/f and after all, isn’t that why we’re in it?
  • James Aquilone, wears tree three hats here at SF Signal. Not only is an excellent interviewer, he’s also keeping you up on the latest cool projects with his bi-weekly Crowd Funding Roundup posts. He’s also one of the Mind Meld moderators.
  • Ria Bridges of Bibliotropic has done a handful of reviews that have appeared on these pages. She has added to my already overflowing to-read pile.
  • Rob Bedford is another moderator of our popular Mind Meld series, but he’s also reviewing book series in there entirety in a must-read column he calls The Completist.
  • Sarah Chorn has migrated her outstanding series Special Needs in Strange Worlds to SF Signal and we couldn’t be happier. This is an important column for our community and Sarah’s being doing a fantastic job.
  • Kathy F. is another Stellar Four member lurking in our ranks. Kathy is also an avid reader who shares her thoughts through interesting reviews.
  • Django Wexler, author extraordinaire, writes a regular anime column called Lost in Animeland. I guarantee you that will laugh when you read his column and cry when you see all the cool anime you might be missing.
  • Aaron Sikes is another avid book lover and reviewer who let’s us know exactly what he thinks about the books he’s read.
  • Alexandre Maki was contributing link posts for a while, but sadly has moved onto other shores.
  • Rick Klaw and Mark London Williams co-write the excellent comics column Nexus Graphica. If you have any interest at all in comics, this is a must-read column, And if not, you will be.
  • David Steffen of Diabolical Plots is our newest member and audio fiction is his game. Games are also his game — David is writing up reviews of his gaming experiences.

SF Signal prides itself in being a platform where a variety of voices can be heard. This is evidenced not only by our growing roster of regular contributors — whose only fault is that they have yet to procure any bagels for me. I mean come on! 😉 — but also by another army of guest post contributors. One look through our spectacular archive of guest posts will reveal a host of topics that will interest speculative fiction readers. Seriously, you can get lost in there. A special Thanks to each and every one guest post contributor for not only taking time out of their busy schedules, but also for sharing their thoughts on genre and offering behind-the-scenes looks at their work.


I was stunned when we won the 2012 Hugo Award for Best Fanzine. Then this past year we won 2013 Hugo Award for Best Fanzine and I thought I was dreaming. It was and will forever be a great honor to be nominated and to have won those awards. We’ve recused ourselves from future nominations; there are so many other fanzines out there that deserve your attention.

On the other hand, we have not recused ourselves in the Best Fancast category and we have once again garnered a nomination (our third!). Needless to say, we are thrilled.


Despite his busy schedule, Patrick Hester forges on with his Award-nominated SF Signal Podcast. This week will see the release of episodes #252! That’s a lotta podcasts. (That last part sounds better in my head with an exaggerated Italian accent.)

We are also proud to host the SF Crossing the Gulf podcast by Karen Burnham and Karen Lord, and this year saw another batch of those released. Karen and Karen dive deep into the works they examine and will make you look at works you’ve read in a whole new light.

We also welcomed a brand new podcast into our podcast family: The Three Hoarsemen. (You read that right.) Fred Kiesche, Jeff Patterson and John Stevens (and the occasional guest hoarse-person) have seemingly made a vow to not only grow my to-read pile, but to make it topple over an kill me. I’m guessing they think that if they kill me, they won’t have to pony up any bagels. If that happens, I vow to be the world’s first ghost that demands bagels from the living.


We have several posts appearing on a daily basis, so it’s impossible to recap everything we’ve done. As is the nature of blogs, posts go live and get some attention, then they tend to trail off. Take advantage of our archives and poke around by tag or topic — you’re sure to find some great stuff just waiting to be discovered. (And if you find my car keys, let me know.)


…I’d like to extend our 11th year-end big-@$$ Thank You to all of the SF Signal readers out there who take time out of their busy lives to stop by, read and comment, and share their thoughts on the genres we all love. I’ve cut and pasted it before and I’ll cut and paste it again: You are the reason we do this every single day and we genuinely hope that you are having as much fun with SF Signal as we are bringing it to you.

See you later…in spaaace!

About John DeNardo (13012 Articles)
John DeNardo is the Managing Editor at SF Signal and a columnist at Kirkus Reviews. He also likes bagels. So there.

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  1. Proud to be an Irregular in the SF Signal Grande Armée

  2. Of course Paul made the first comment! Very proud to be an Irregular/contributor to this place.

    (“Must-read” – thanks for that!)

  3. James wears tree hats? How does that work?

  4. Happy Birthday, SF Signal! I’m still beyond delighted to be an SF Irregular. Thank you, John!

    They grow up so fast, don’t they? Soon SF Signal will be going to boy/girl dances and attending middle school…

  5. Glad to be a part of the team! 🙂

  6. David Greybeard // July 14, 2014 at 9:59 am //

    Happy Birthday! And my thanks to everyone for making every day better than it would be without SF Signal.

  7. Happy birthday to SFSignal!!!

  8. Happy Birthday! and congratulations on the awards and award nominations!

  9. Thanks for all your work for the past 11 years, JD. My first SFSignal article was seven years ago, thanks for letting me occasionally ride along.

  10. Happy birthday! I look forward to many, many more.

  11. Happy (belated) birthday, gang! Keep up the great work!

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