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Story Bundle Announces Weird Fiction and The Multimedia Fantasy Music eBook Bundles

If you’ve already read through the currently running (6 days left!) Cosmic Story Bundle, the good folks as Story Bundle have 2 new eBook bundles to satisfy your hunger.

For those new to the idea, Story Bundle offers up a DRM-free set of eBooks for which you can name your price. They also allow you to give a portion of the proceeds from each bundle to charity.

So what are the 2 new bundles? I’m glad you asked!

First up is the Weird Fiction Bundle.

Titles include:

  1. The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals by Ann VanderMeer & Jeff VanderMeer
  2. Tainaron: Mail from Another City by Leena Krohn
  3. The Traitor by Michael Cisco
  4. The Honey Month by Amal El-Mohtar
  5. It Came From the North: An Anthology of Finnish Speculative Fiction edited by Desirina Boskovich

But wait! Theres more!

If you pay $12 or more, you get the following 3 ebooks included as a bonus:

  1. Jagannath by Karin Tidbeck
  2. The Tyrant by Michael Cisco
  3. The Third Bear by Jeff VanderMeer

This deal only lasts for three weeks, so check out StoryBundle for more info right now.

The second new bundle is the The Multimedia Fantasy Music Bundle.

Titles here include these eBooks and albums:

  1. [eBook] The White Mists of Power by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  2. [eBook] The Dandy Boy Mysteries by Peter J. Wacks and J. R. Boyett
  3. [eBook] Surrender by Rhiannon Paille
  4. [Album] Ember Days Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by SJ Tucker
  5. [Album] Dog Party in the Key of Swinging Cats by Pandora Celtica
  6. [Album] Merlin’s Descendants by Alexander James Adams

If you pay $12 or more, you get the following eBooks and albums as a bonus:

  1. [eBook] VilleAnne by Peter J. Wacks and Steven L. Sears
  2. [eBook] Mythical Creatures by Kevin J. Anderson
  3. [Album] The Best of The Borderers Celtic & Old World by The Borderers
  4. [Album] The Trial of Lancelot by Heather Dale
  5. [Album] Live From the End of Days Part 1 by Abney Park

This one is only around for another 11 days, so scoop it up if you want it!

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