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Table of Contents: Nightmare Magazine, July 2014

Nightmare Magazine sent along the table of contents for their new issue:


  • “The Black Window” by Lane Robins
  • “Talking In The Dark” by Dennis Etchison
  • “Death And Death Again” by Mari Ness
  • “The Misfit Child Grows Fat On Despair” by Tom Piccirilli


  • The H Word: Misunderstood Monsters by Janice Gable Bashman
  • Artist Gallery by Galen Dara
  • Artist Spotlight: Galen Dara by Wendy N. Wagner
  • Interview: Del Howison Of Dark Delicacies Bookstore by Lisa Morton


  • Lane Robins
  • Dennis Etchison
  • Mari Ness
  • Tom Piccirilli


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