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Table of Contents: STAR QUAKE 2 edited by Sophie Yorkston

IFWG Publishing has posted the table of contents for the new anthology Star Quake 2 edited by Sophie Yorkston, which collects SQ Mag‘s Best stories of 2013…

  1. “A Man and His Parasite” by Cat Rambo
  2. “Fairest Fowl” by J.B. Rockwell
  3. “Born Again” by Nu Yang
  4. “Chinaman’s Bluff” by Cat Sparks
  5. “Flagman” by Jim Lee
  6. “Shoe Shine” by Robert Datson
  7. “Surface Stars” by Hanson Hovell Holladay
  8. “Intangible” by A.A. Garrison
  9. “The Visiphorical Art” by Michelle Ann King
  10. “Digging in the Deep” by Tonia Brown
  11. “Digital Reflections” by Kevin Rainak
  12. “Cattails” by A.P. Sessler
  13. “Strike Day” by Marie DesJardin
  14. “Tea in the Secret Garden” by Emma Newman
  15. “Faye’s Diner” by J.T. Seate
  16. “The Poet and the Lily” by Julia August
  17. “Endangered Species X” by Guy Prevost

Cover art by Steve G Santiago.

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