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1960s Batman Hits DVD/BluRay – Am I Too Old to Want This?

I grew up watching reruns of the 1960’s Batman television series starring Adam West, Burt Ward and a host of celebrity villains. The show appealed to me on a superficial level because it had…superheroes! Fights scenes! Evil villains! It was a must-watch every day and it killed me — killed me! — when they ended it on a cliffhanger, like they usually did. How dare they make me tune it to the show tomorrow at the same bat-time on the same bat-channel. Those bastards.

I caught some reruns of the show recently, which is airing on some network on the endless cable channels, and it’s surprising how appealing the show still is — for entirely different reasons, of course. I was too young to appreciate it when I was a youngster, but the camp factor was always in overdrive. Now that I’m…an oldster…I’m amazed at how a show like that still holds up.

The reason I’m reminded of all this is because Batman The Complete TV Series is being reelased in November. A limited edition Blu-ray version comes with a couple of extras like a Hot Wheels Replica Batmobile, an Adam West Scrapbook, Vintage Trading Cards and an Episode Guide. (If they were smart, they would have packed it with The Official Batman Batbook, which I bought in the 1980s and is awesome.) The old man that I am is a little embarrassed to admit that the little boy in me is excited about this.

Check out the trailer for the new release:

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11 Comments on 1960s Batman Hits DVD/BluRay – Am I Too Old to Want This?

  1. Not at all. I am asking my wife to get this for me for Christmas. Been wanting this a LONG time.

  2. If you’re too old, John, I’m too old!

  3. The show doesn’t work anymore for me, but there are others that do. We don’t need to make excuses for it. Indulge!


  4. Steve Oerkfitz // September 19, 2014 at 5:02 pm //

    Doesn’t work for me either. Watched a couple recently on IFC and found them pretty bad.

  5. Dude, that show was and still is AWESOME! I haven’t done TV at the house for years, but a couple months back I was hanging with the kids at their mom’s place and I was flipping back and forth between an Egghead Batman episode and the Gilligan’s Island where the mad scientist keeps swapping the minds of the castaways into each other’s bodies. At some point, my 21 year old son (who never watches these shows) got pissed and wanted me to keep it on Batman. THAT is how good Batman is.

    All right, that didn’t really prove a thing, but it’s all I’ve got.

    Also, I just got the math problem wrong when I tried to submit this comment. It said ___ x two = 2, and I boldly tried typing “two” into the box.

    THAT’S how good Batman is!

  6. Hmmm…is the Green Hornet out on DVD as well?

  7. Jeff Patterson // September 20, 2014 at 5:11 pm //

    Been watching them on Me-TV for a while. Still some gems of comic brilliance, but there are a few clunkers.

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