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Adaptation Watch: Kim Stanley Robinson’s MARS Trilogy Being Adapted for TV

The Warp is reporting that Vince Gerardis (co-executive producer of HBO’s Game of Thrones) is bringing an adaptation of Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy to Spike TV.

Robinson’s Hugo and Nebula award-winning Mars series — consisting of Red Mars (1993) , Green Mars (1994) and Blue Mars (1996) — details the story of the colonization of Mars and all of the political and ecological challenges that go along with it. The trilogy also examines the effects that advanced technology has on the society that develops it.

Robinson will be on hand to consult on the series.

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7 Comments on Adaptation Watch: Kim Stanley Robinson’s MARS Trilogy Being Adapted for TV

  1. I loved the books so I’m all for this getting a TV adaptation, but Spike TV? Isn’t this the network whose normal output is reruns of COPS and Impact Wrestling? I’m a bit worried that this may not live up to the intelligent ideas that the books had.

  2. Hmmm, regolith, flip. Regolith, flip. Weather, weather, weather….here we go, plot. Good books but after a while I was tired of geology

  3. Come on, Thomas.

    TV stations evolve and change all the time. Remember when FOX debuted COPS? And they just aired COSMOS. I bet you watched the s**t out of that one, huh?

  4. I suppose they’ll “action it up”, they won’t be able to resist.

  5. Bad Mars, Bad Mars, what’cha gonna do?

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