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Cooking the Books with Fran Wilde and Beth Cato

Author Beth Cato joined Fran Wilde on Cooking the Books podcast to celebrate her debut from Harper Voyager, The Clockwork Dagger.

You can read the first chapter of The Clockwork Dagger at

The ingredients for Cooking the Books podcast #004 – “The Clockwork Kitchen: Cooking the Books with Beth Cato” include:

  • 1 gremlin, not for eating
  • a large block of ice
  • several types of cheese
  • handfuls of hot pepper, dried and finely ground
  • a sack of powerful herbs, all sorts
  • surprises around every corner, heapings of derring-do
  • 100% very smart heroine, also not for eating
  • and a message from the Holy Taco Church

Listen below, at the Cooking the Books website (where you’ll find a recipe AND a giveaway [through Monday, Sept. 22, 2014] from Beth), or subscribe to the Cooking the Books feedburner.

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