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Daily Science Fiction Roster of Stories for October 2014

Daily Science Fiction has announced its October line-up of free stories.

  • October 1: “Schrodinger’s Message” by Brent C. Smith
  • October 2: “Exchanges, No Refunds” by Sandra M. Odell
  • October 3: “The Highwayman Come Riding” by M. Bennardo
  • October 6: “They Come with the Carnival” by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam
  • October 7: “The Recent Future” by Dani Ripley
  • October 8: “Dear Jezzy: Lovelorn in the Lower World” by Sarina Dorie [Dear Jezzy series]
  • October 9: “The Mirror Cracks” by Stephen S. Power
  • October 10: “At First Glance” by Shannon Peavey
  • October 13: “Motivational Story” by Eric James Stone
  • October 14: “The Reunion” by Louise Hughes
  • October 15: “A Little Piece of Heaven” by Shari Lynne Klase
  • October 16: “Hatchlings” by Beth Cato
  • October 17: “Collector’s Item” by Daniel McPherson
  • October 20: “Emma Goldman: A Biography for Space Aliens” by Marissa Lingen
  • October 21: “Café Macondo” by Megan Arkenberg
  • October 22: “Dear Jezzy: Consentacles” by Sarina Dorie [Dear Jezzy Series]
  • October 23: “Supply and Demand in the Post-War Economy” by Vaughan Stanger
  • October 24: “Where There Is Treasure” by H. L. Fullerton
  • October 27: “Simon Says” by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
  • October 28: “The Last Oracle” by Raven Jakubowski
  • October 29: “Hope Is a Thing with Rockets” by David Gill
  • October 30: “Good Eatin'” by Gregg Chamberlain
  • October 31: “Toadwords” by Nathaniel Matthews Lee
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