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[GUEST POST] Sallie Haws asks: What if Magic Were Real?

At a young age, Sallie Haws‘ passion for writing was fed by taking creative writing classes in high school and college. It was nursed along throughout her adult years by a voracious reading habit of paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy novels. Quantum Spirit – Apocalypse (August 2013, Fedd Books) is the culmination of years of personal and professional life experience combined with the desire to empower, entertain and inspire adults and teenagers. Sallie lives in Reno, Nevada with her family.


by Sallie Haws

I Believe in Magic. Magic is defined by Webster’s as “A power that allows people to do impossible things by saying special words or performing special actions.” I believe it’s all about the intention, focus and emotions used during the saying of the special words that can create the seemingly impossible. Then there is patience. Unfortunately, the period between the thought and the creation in our Third Dimensional world can sometimes be a very long time, and therefore, difficult to trace its creation back to the original intention. What if we knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, every intentional thought we had, whether it was positive or negative, would instantly manifest? How would our world be different?

Enter the Fifth Dimension

In my debut novel, Quantum Spirit – Apocalypse, I’ve created the Fifth Dimension as a place where the Law of Attraction is in full force, and where idioms like “Thoughts are things” and “You reap what you sow” are more important than the Law of Gravity. Vibrational frequency is at the core of The Fifth Dimension where only things and beings that function at the highest levels can exist. Positive, loving, happy, and grateful thoughts are much higher frequency than negative, hateful, fearful, and resentful thoughts. Taking control and responsibility for their feelings and ruminations is most critical for a Fifth Dimensional being because negativity and fear can lead to evanescence or death. Magic permeates the Fifth Dimension, and it lays the responsibility of Creation squarely in the laps of its inhabitants.

So how would an ordinary Third Dimensional being, like you, survive if you suddenly found yourself in the Fifth Dimension where everyone has the power of Gods? The unlikely thirteen-year-old heroine of Quantum Spirit – Apocalypse, Salena Hawthorne, finds herself in just such a predicament. As Peter Parker’s uncle once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Selena learns quickly about the benefits and rewards of thought management and the risks of thought mismanagement. While spending time in the Fifth Dimension, she is humbled by her discovery of the cause of a Third Dimensional global pandemic, called the Blue Flu, and embraces the responsibility that she is the one who has been chosen to bring that knowledge back to the Third Dimension. Navigating the world through the negative energy morass of fear and control, becomes Salena’s mission as she enlists the help of her friends and family to try to save humanity.

Salena discovers that the magic of the Fifth Dimension is alive and well in the Third Dimension; it is just sluggish to respond. The casters of magic in the Third Dimension are not only inexperienced, and maybe not quite convinced of its efficacy, but also the intention itself has to sift through a well of energy that contains both the positive high frequencies and the negative low frequencies.


If it could be indisputably proven that our thoughts have the power to create our life experience, whether it is positive or negative, how would our lives change? If our hateful or jealous wishes toward our neighbor quickly manifested in our own life, would we continue to judge or criticize with abandon? If we could live in abundance, rather than lack, would we choose to do so? If we all had the power of the Gods how would we choose to live?

The Fifth Dimensionals live in colonies located in places abundant with Earth’s energy. Their lives are spent in the pursuit of personal achievement and knowledge. There is no lack, fear, or disease, just a burning desire to self-actualize.

The Magic

The ability to choose, and the desire to take full responsibility for those choices, I believe, is at the heart of magic. Unfortunately, our society is so riddled with people believing that they don’t have a choice, that they abdicate their ability to take control of their thoughts, beliefs and lives. This inspired me to write Quantum Spirit – Apocalypse to be a non-threatening and entertaining story that introduces some empowering metaphysical concepts, especially to young women who are so often misinformed about their own innate power and abilities. If, through the publishing of this book, I’ve created a state of wonder in just one person, then I’ve succeeded.

I believe magic exists in our world, and I believe that we all have the innate ability to tap into it, not just a chosen few. However, it takes practice, intention and faith. There have been a number of Third Dimensional mainstream books written about the ability to create wealth, health, and happiness by harnessing the Law of Attraction, and by doing so, ultimately manifesting the seemingly impossible. Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne come to mind most quickly. Yet, the practices and rituals recommend in those books don’t work for everybody who tries them all the time, and it can’t be “scientifically” proven…yet. Hmmm, I guess that means you’ll just have to Believe.

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