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SF/F/H Link Post for 2014-09-13

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  • Bruce Campbell will appear at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston on Saturday November 1st at 7:00 PM to host a special screening of The Evil Dead!
  • The creators and contributors to the internationally acclaimed documentary Doc of the Dead along with the innovative authors of the zombie genre from Permuted Press will hold a twelve hour long series of live chat sessions on September 24th from 10am to 10pm. Read more on Facebook.
  • MystiCon is back at the Holiday Inn Tanglewood in Roanoke, VA February 27 – March 1, 2015.
  • XKCD creator Randall Munroe, on tour to promote his book What If? Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions, will speak at the Aero in Santa Monica on Sunday, September 14.

Crowd Funding

  • Apocalypse: Galactic Arena – In this fast paced tactical battle boardgame, one fight lasts 15 minutes but no two fights are the same!
  • Capsule – a Stop-Motion Sci-Fi Short Film. Sometimes the greatest names don’t appear in history books. In the cold emptiness of space, one man’s legacy will live forever.
  • Clarkesworld: Chinese Science Fiction Translation Project – Clarkesworld magazine wants to translate and publish a Chinese science fiction story in each issue. Help us kick off our first year.
  • Pathologic – a town devoured by plague. An enemy you can’t kill. You can’t save everyone.



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