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Table of Contents: Asimov’s, October/November 2014

Here’s the table of contents for the new double issue of Asimov’s.


  • “The Prodigal Son” by Allen M. Steele


  • “Stars Fell on Alabama” by Gord Sellar
  • “Troop 9” by Dale Bailey
  • “Diary of a Pod Person” by Emily C. Skaftun
  • “Playing with Reality” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch


  • “Pinono Deep” by Kate Bachus
  • “Minutes To the End of the World” by Brendan DuBois
  • “The Witch of Truckee” by Joel Richards
  • “Uncanny” by James Patrick Kelly
  • “Decaying Orbit” by Robert R. Chase
  • “The Cloisters” by Jeff Grimshaw
  • “What Is Sand but Earth Purified?” by Jason Sanford
  • “New Trick” by Tim McDaniel


  • “Boots” by Greg Beatty
  • “Henry Gustav Molaison” by L. M. Alder
  • “Diary of the Last Days” by L. M. Lopez
  • “If Horror Movies Have Taught Me Anything” by Michael Meyerhofer
  • “Other Versions” by Craig Finlay
  • “Morning Sickness” by Aimee Ogden
  • “A Different kind of Stupid” by Jessy Randall
  • “Fiddler at Midnight” by Jane Yolen


Subscriptions available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or the Asimov’s website.

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