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Table of Contents: GEEK THEATER Edited by Jen Gunnels & Erin Underwood

Here is the synopsis and table of contents the upcoming anthology Geek Theater edited by Jen Gunnels & Erin Underwood.

Geek Theater showcases 15 science fiction and fantasy stage plays by some of today’s top authors and award-winning playwrights and is the first anthology that truly delves into the world of speculative fiction theater. Until recently, modern science fiction and fantasy stage plays have largely gone unnoticed despite the proliferation of plays and performances by theater companies around the world. These plays are an important part of the science fiction and fantasy cannon as they represent a unique intersection of authors and playwrights producing work at a time when these genres are flourishing.

Short Length Plays

  • “Mission to Mars” by Jeanne Beckwith
  • “For the Living” by Chie-Hoon Lee
  • “Rapunzel’s Haircut” by Cecil Castelucci
  • “Promise of Space” by James Patrick Kelly


  • “Consider the Services of the Departed” by F. Brett Cox

Medium Length Plays

  • “Zombies of Montrose” by James Morrow
  • “Clockwork Comrade” by Carlos Hernandez
  • “The Long and the Short of Long Term Memory” by Cecil Castelucci
  • “Geek!” by Crystal Skillman
  • “Faustfeathers” by John Kessel

Full Length Plays

  • “Thunderbird at the Next World Theatre” by Andrea Hairston
  • “Universal Robots” by Mac Rogers
  • “DEINDE” by August Schulenburg
  • “Hearts Like Fists” by Adam Szymkowicz
  • “Dog Act” by Liz Duffy Adams

Geek Theater is being published in early November 2014 by Underwords Press, and was funded in part by a Kickstarter project.

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