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Table of Contents: MYTHIC DELIRIUM Edited by Mike Allen

Mike Allen has posted the table of contents for his upcoming anthology Mythic Delirium, which features some great cover art by Hugo-winning artist Galen Dara (a larger version of which appears below). The anthology should be available in time for World Fantasy Convention in November.

Here’s the table of contents…

  1. “Myths and Delusions: An Introduction” by Mike Allen
  2. “This Talk of Poems” by Amal El-Mohtar
  3. “The Wives of Paris” by Marie Brennan
  4. “Cuneiform Toast” by Sonya Taaffe
  5. “Hexagon” by Alexandra Seidel
  6. “Unmasking” by Sandi Leibowitz
  7. “Ahalya: Deliverance” by Karthika Naïr
  8. “Katabasis” by Liz Bourke
  9. “The Art of Flying” by Georgina Bruce
  10. “Dreams of Bone” by Christina Sng
  11. “India Pale Angel” by Robert Davies
  12. “a recipe” by Lynette Mejía
  13. “Anna They Have Killed” by Jennifer Crow
  14. “The Two Annies of Windale Road” by Patty Templeton
  15. “Zora Neale Hurston Meets Felicia Felix-Mentor on the Road” by J.C. Runolfson
  16. “Princess: A Life” by Jane Yolen
  17. “Present” by Nicole Kornher-Stace
  18. “Old Bone” by Sandi Leibowitz
  19. “Backbone of the Home” by Lisa M. Bradley
  20. “Flap” by David Sklar
  21. “Rhythm of Hoof and Cry” by S. Brackett Robertson
  22. “The Silver Comb” by Mari Ness
  23. “Milkweed” by Cedar Sanderson
  24. “Never Told” by Jane Yolen
  25. “Foxfeast” by Yoon Ha Lee
  26. “Seeds” by Beth Cato
  27. “Seedpaper” by Rhonda Parrish
  28. “The Onion Prince” by David Sklar
  29. “The Girl Who Learned to Live with Bees in Her Hair” by Brigitte N. McCray
  30. “The Giant’s Tree” by Yukimi Ogawa
  31. “Two Ways of Lifting” by Virginia M. Mohlere
  32. “Levels of Observation” by Kenneth Schneyer
  33. “Cat’s Canticle” by David Sklar
  34. “Nisei” by Beth Cato
  35. “Echoes in the Dark” by Ken Liu
  36. “Voyage to a Distant Star” by C.S.E. Cooney
  37. “WereMoonMother” by Brittany Warman
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  1. I recognize That cover art 🙂

  2. He had me at “Ken Liu.” And “Jane Yolen.” OH, yeah.

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