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Wanted: Science Fiction Authors for Alternate History Dystopian Shared-World Projects

Nick Phillips of Oriental Excess Co. has an interesting project brewing and is looking for contributors to extend the world of the Tokyo Yakuza strategy war game.

Details follow…

Oriental Excess Co. is looking for science fiction authors to help create the world of our new intellectual property, Tokyo Yakuza, by writing 2,000-3,000 word short stories for publication first as e-books on Amazon Kindle and other devices, and later in print as part of braided anthologies involving multiple authors and recurring characters and themes. Authors on this project may select their own cover image from our catalog of original artworks, before writing their short stories, to serve as inspiration for the piece.

For acceptable submissions, we pay 6 cents per word in exchange for the rights to publish the story online and in print and related electronic endeavors. We offer, in addition, a 10% share of the e-book profits after the advance is recouped. We also ask for several other rights: translation, audio, and the right to include the story in Tokyo Yakuza-branded anthologies. All rights we acquire are exclusive, and royalties from sales of the anthology are paid to individual authors on a pro-rata basis.

Tokyo Yakuza is our brand for an upcoming board game to be released in 2015 in hard copy and digital formats. The Tokyo Yakuza world is a near-future dystopia and alternate history in which the Yamaguchi-gumi organized crime family starts a brutal gang war between the 5 clans in the year 2020, during the Tokyo Olympic Games. Lovers of hard-boiled crime, film noir, yakuza eiga, Japanese anime, and cyberpunk with surreal or light fantasy elements, based on Shinto and oriental mythology, will do well writing for this project.

Please contact Nick Phillips, editor, at with indications of interest.

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4 Comments on Wanted: Science Fiction Authors for Alternate History Dystopian Shared-World Projects

  1. And…emailed! This is the sort of thing I love to see and feels right up my alley. Thanks for sharing this, John. Now to see if anything comes of it.

  2. Is anyone involved with this Japanese? Or even Asian? Very serious question.

  3. If this is a bunch of white guys circlejerking to cartoon Asian fetish porn (which is honestly what it looks like) I think they need to be more honest about it.

    • Wow, racist much? It’s only authentic if for real Japanese people– or at least ASIANS– are making it. Dumb white guys, huh?

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