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Free SF, Fantasy and Horror Fiction for 10/31/2014

So why did I disappear for a while? I had to work on finishing a book (an upcoming science fiction novel, so you can all judge me harshly).

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Free eBooks – Science Fiction

Ansible 15715 (The Ansible Stories) by Stant Litore
“Please hear me. We are all in danger, the most terrible danger; we are all going to die terrible deaths. If you can hear me, if anyone can hear me, remember these words. Please. Pass them on to your children, and to theirs. You are our one hope… “
[Dark Science Fiction Short Story – Amazon]

Below Mercury by Mark Anson
Mercury – closest planet to the Sun. In the permanent darkness of Chao Meng-fu crater lie vast fields of ice that that have never seen the Sun, and the ruins of Erebus Mine, abandoned and forgotten after a devastating explosion that claimed the lives of 257 people. After an eight-year legal battle, the relatives of the victims have finally succeeded in forcing the Space Accidents Board to reopen its investigation. Matt Crawford, a mine engineer who escaped the disaster, joins a team sent back to the mine to discover the true cause of the accident. The team is led by Clare Foster, a pilot in the U.S. Astronautics Corps, who has taken on the mission in the hope of rebuilding her career after a near-miss incident.
[Science Fiction Adventure Novel – Amazon]

PHYSIC by Eric Nabity
Ysenof engages the world in terms of elementary physics. He can manipulate matter and energy, but his focus on fundamentals fails with people. He could change the world, but needs help. Abby Skipper is a people person and mind reader. Special Agent John Clark sees connections. Pauline Morcet is indestructible and haunted by a violent alter ego. Together, they will find out what made them PHYSIC.
[Hard Science Fiction Superhero Novel – Amazon]

Free eBooks – Post-Apocalyptic and Dystopian

Forget Yourself by Redfern Jon Barrett
Blondee lives in a world without memories: just four walls, fifty huts and a hundred forgotten people. She came in with the food rations. Mind and body naked, like everyone. Now she lives in a triangular hut at the edge of everything. They say she was a thief — she has long fingers — and she certainly has a reputation for taking multiple lovers. But haunted by the ghost of a fat man and dreaming of a stone woman, Blondee knows she can reshape the world — she just needs to get the world to listen…
[Dystopian Novel – Amazon]

The Decay: As The World Burns by Roger Hayden
In a final race against time, Paul, a computer technician from a small town in Pennsylvania, attempts to find his wife after she disappeared while on business in Colorado. Mass panic has spread across the United States after series of strategically timed nuclear attacks along the East Coast. Paul, with his stepdaughter, Julie, have to stay alive across states lines and amidst the chaos if they want any chance of reuniting with Samantha. In New York City, Sacha, a Polish immigrant, is taken into custody as a terror suspect, but his journey soon leads him to a group of prisoners who could very well be the real thing. In a protective bunker underground, Samantha finds herself under the watchful eye of the influential and powerful Senator Bryant and a group of elites who may or may not have engineered the nuclear attacks as part of massive worldwide conspiracy meant to change the world forever.
[Dystopian Novella – Amazon]

Free eBooks – Fantasy

Darkness Of Light (Darkness Series #1) by Stacey Marie Brown
Freak. Witch. Crazy. Schizo.
Ember Brycin has been called them all. She’s always known she’s different. No one has ever called her normal, even under the best circumstances. Bizarre and inexplicable things continually happen to her, and having two different colored eyes, strange hair, and an unusual tattoo only contributes to the gossip about her.
When the latest school explosion lands her in a facility for troubled teens, she meets Eli Dragen, who’s hot as hell and darkly mysterious. Their connection is full of passion, danger, and secrets. Secrets that will not only change her life, but what and who she is—leading her down a path she never imagined possible.

[New Adult Urban Fantasy Novel – First of Series – Amazon]

Silverweed by Dorlana Vann
Once upon a time Granny was attacked by a werewolf. Eighteen years later her grandson, Aiden Young, arrives in Indiana for his aunt’s funeral, and his unfortunate discovery of the family secret leads to a fatal mistake. Before the weekend is over, he’s trapped by a blizzard along with his superstitious cousin, Diesel, and Scarlet, Diesel’s manipulative girlfriend. In his grandmother’s spooky, old house in the middle of the woods, the teen faces life and death decisions: who can be trusted, and who needs to be saved? However, he must first figure out what the true monster is… werewolf or fear. Because in this Little Red Riding Hood-inspired supernatural fairy tale, the roles of prey and predator become interchangeable.
[Fantasy Novella – Amazon]

Free eBooks – Fantasy – Young Adult

Small Things by Joe DeRouen
It’s a hot June morning in a small Midwestern town when fifteen-year-old Shawn Spencer arrives at the church for his best friend Tanner’s funeral. Though his drowning was officially ruled an accident, Tanner’s sister Jenny swears she saw something rise up from the Carthage Lake to pull the struggling teenager beneath the surface.
Shawn doesn’t believe in monsters… but he will…

[YA Dark Fantasy Novel – Amazon]

Free eBooks – Fantasy – Paranormal and Romance

Firecracker by Charles R. Verhey
A team of eccentric psychics who assist local authorities with difficult cases has reluctantly hired Aideen Cassidy, a timid pyrokinetic who has managed to accidentally burn to rubble every building she’s ever worked in. “It takes some real power and talent to melt a slushy machine.” Now, after months of scraping by on the last of her savings and spending every day terrified of her own gifts, she’s being given the chance to prove her worth. To be accepted for who and what she is.
[Paranormal Fantasy Novel – Amazon]

Once Bitten (Alexa O’Brien Huntress Book 1) by Trina M. Lee
Alexa O’Brien has never been like other people. A hunter of supernatural rogues, she is a werewolf with unusual but extraordinary power. Power that draws her to Arys Knight, the mysterious vampire who awakens her dark side. What they create together is dangerous and binding, forcing her to question the source of her abilities. It threatens not only her remaining humanity, but her relationship with fellow werewolf, Shaz Richardson, as well.
[Paranormal Fantasy Novel – First of Series – Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Smashwords]

The First Voice (Song of Teeth Book 1) by Eve Hathaway
Some Legends Are True
The modern city of Fontel, South Carolina, has a lost history hidden beneath centuries of time and layers of darkness…

[Fantasy Romance Short Story – Amazon]

Free eBooks – Horror

Ghosts of Demons Past by Matt Schiariti
“Well, Mr. Gabriel. What do you know about…demons?”
For most people, that’s a question that never comes up. Medium Seth Gabriel isn’t most people and for him, it’s another normal day in an abnormal life.
It’s bad enough that his love life has seen better days but his personal problems are only the half of it. Seth’s ghost hunting business, SG Cleaning Services hasn’t seen a client in weeks and he’s desperate for a paycheck. Things look up when two potential clients seek him out…

[Horror Novel – Amazon]

Souvenir and three more not-quite-straightforward tales by Daniel Kelley
A collection of four stories, not one of which travels a predictable route.
[Horror / Dark Speculative Fiction Collection – Amazon]

Free eBooks – Zombies

“Alien Invasion of the Zombie Apocalypse “ by Ford Forkum
In a satirical combination of two end-of-the-world scenarios, a zombie plague is quickly followed by an alien invasion – in a time when humanity is already struggling with vampires.
[Science Fiction Zombie Short Story – Amazon]

The Lazarus Impact by Vincent Todarello
A meteor shower pelts the earth with strange debris on Christmas Eve. The US power grid fails due to the impact of a large meteorite. The dust plume causes severe illness and death as it blows east across America. As a result the government quarantines the entire northeast. Military personnel wearing gas masks patrol the edges of the affected area, preventing anyone from crossing. But when the dead start coming back to life and eating the living, the US braces itself for a full-on zombie outbreak that no military barricade can keep contained.
[Zombie Novel – Amazon]

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (Escaping the Dead) by W. J. Lundy
Alone in a foreign land.
The radio goes quiet while on convoy in Afghanistan, a lost patrol alone in the desert. With his unit and his home base destroyed, Staff Sergeant Brad Thompson suddenly finds himself isolated and in command of a small group of men trying to survive in the Afghan wasteland.
Every turn leads to danger.
The local population has been afflicted with an illness that turns them into rabid animals. They pursue him and his men at every corner and stop. Struggling to hold his team together and unite survivors, he must fight and evade his way to safety.

[Zombie Novelette – Amazon]

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