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Table of Contents: Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine, November/December 2014

Here is the table of contents for the new issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine:


  • “The Judging” by Rand B. Lee
  • “Hollywood North” by Michael Libling


  • “I’ll Follow The Sun” by Paul Di Filippo
  • “Golder Girl” by Albert E. Cowdrey


  • “Yeshua’s Dog” by Tim Sullivan
  • “Nanabojou at the World’s Fair” by Justin Barbeau
  • “Feral Frolics” by Scott Baker
  • “The Bomb Thing” by Kj Kabza
  • “The Old Science Fiction Writer” by David Gerrold


  • Books To Look For by Charles De Lint
  • Musing On Books by Michelle West
  • Films: On Novelizing Noah by Alan Dean Foster
  • Films: Coming Soon To a Tablet Near You by Kathi Maio
  • Coming Attractions
  • Competition #88 – Anagram/raga Man
  • Index To Volumes 126 & 127
  • Curiosities by David Langford
  • Cartoons: Mark Heath (37), Arthur Masear (79, 162).

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