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TRAILER: Ascension – A New SyFy Mini-Series That’s Actually SciFi!

Hey, would you look at that! Actual science fiction on SyFy? Who knew they could do that?

Here’s how their new show Ascension is described:

In 1963, the U.S. government launched a covert space mission sending hundreds of men, women and children on a century-long voyage aboard the starship Ascension to populate a new world. Nearly 50 years into the journey, as they approach the point of no return, a mysterious murder of a young woman causes the ship’s population to question the true nature of their mission.

Ascension stars everybody’s favorite Cylon, Tricia Helfer, and a bunch of others I’ve never heard of. Also intriguing is that this is a mini-series (lasting 6 hours), so SyFy doesn’t have to sully their network with more actual SciFi than is necessary. Yes, I’ll tune in to see if it’s any good.

Ascension starts on Nov. 24th at 9/8C.

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6 Comments on TRAILER: Ascension – A New SyFy Mini-Series That’s Actually SciFi!

  1. Paul Weimer // October 6, 2014 at 5:16 am //

    And it has Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica’s Six) on it.

  2. I’ll watch it, but it will be difficult for me to willingly suspend my disbelief. Such a mission was technologically impossible in 1963.

  3. It is a sad time when even TRAILERS get a region code!
    “The uploader has not made this video available in your country.” – combing from a science fiction oriented channel, this is pretty backwards thinking…

  4. This is a cheap cost-cutter special stunt to try and score sweeps rating in November without actually having to pay for a cost of a full season of programming

    Syfy’s parent Comcast are the cheapest misers in the universe. They’re allergic to spending any money on programing. It’s all being spent on bonus for Comcast Sr Management.

    They’re gonna try to get away with seeing if they can get away with only puting up new progamming on these lower tier cable station like syfy during sweeps only.

    I’m not gonna play Comcast’s games.

    I’m not dying for lack of Science fiction entertainment. I just finished a Alastair Reynolds book. Plenty of Sci-Fi movies to choose from.

    I’m not gonna think of turning Syfy back on until they have full prime time line up of produced speculative fiction drama/comedies. Pro Wrestling and “I wanna Grip some SF” bad-realities” don’t count

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