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Captain Marvel – Higher, Further, Faster, More

Today at the Kirkus Reviews Blog, I talk about Captain Marvel.

Way back in the 40’s, Fawcett introduced a character named Captain Marvel in the pages of Whiz Comics to cash in on the popularity of Superman and Batman with a superhero of their own. Marvel comics registered a trademark for ‘Captain Marvel’ in the 60’s, forcing DC, who had the character now, to call their book Shazam! Marvel launched their character, Captain Mar-Vell, who was an alien with the Kree Imperium, soon therafter. Since then, there have been a LOT of characters at Marvel given the name ‘Captain Marvel’ (due to their need to keep up the trademark). Carol Danvers is the latest, and perhaps the greatest, of those characters; intelligent, capable and a damned lot of fun.

To read the rest of the story, please click over to my piece about Captain Marvel on Kirkus Reviews.

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  1. The Captain Marvel (this version) and the Ms. Marvel (current version) were the first two digital comics I subscribed to.

  2. For female fronted comics, I like Ms. Marvel: No Normal and She-Hulk: Law and Disorder.

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