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INTERVIEW: Chase Novak, Author of BROOD

CHASE NOVAK is the pseudonym for Scott Spencer, the author of ten novels, including Endless Love, which has wold more than two million copies, and the National Book Award finalist A Ship Made of Paper.

Brood, the sequel to his horror gem Breed, just came out and Scott, er, Chase, kindly answered a few of my questions!

Kristin Centorcelli: As Scott Spencer, you’re already well-known for your novels, and now, under Chase Novak, you’ve got two horror titles under your belt, the newest of which just came out. Will you tell us a little about Brood and what we can expect from Adam and Alice?

Chase Novak: Though BROOD can stand alone, it continues the story of Alice and Adam, who were conceived when their parents (now deceased) submitted to a brutal and ultimately disastrous fertility treatment. The twins are now about to become teenagers, approaching the age when many of the children who were similarly conceived begin to show evidence of uncontrollable carnality. They are drawn to a pack of feral children and teens living in Central Park while their Aunt Cynthia, who has now adopted them, fights for their bodies and souls.

KC: Horror can be a tricky genre, but you’ve nailed it. What inspired you to write these books?

CN: Thank you for saying that. I woke up one day with the desire to write something visceral and disturbing. Since I was already working on a novel more in keeping with the others I have written, I thought it would be interesting and amusing to put on a mask and do something completely different.

KC: What kind of research did you do for the books, and what was one of the most interesting things you learned?

CN: I did research about Slovenia, where the parents undergo the fertility treatment. I did research of animals who eat their young. Much of the book is set in New York, and the landmarks and hordes of anxious parents are something I know quite well. In the course of gathering information I was surprised to learn what a huge, huge business infertility has become.

KC: As a mom, these books really hit me on a visceral level, and I also love the pitch black humor that is woven throughout. What do you hope readers take away from these books, other than chills?

CN: That is difficult to say since no two readers read exactly the same book. What I was left with was a new appreciation for the vulnerability of children, and a deeper sense of how the ability to buy whatever you want can lead to such disaster. King Midas anyone?

KC: In the spirit of Halloween, do you have any recommendations (other than Breed and Brood, of course) for some scary reads?

CN: Rosemary’s Baby, Dracula, The Shining, The Island of Doctor Moreau.

KC: What are you currently reading?

CN: I am reading Whiskey Tango Foxtrot by the very gifted David Shafer and Some Luck by Jane Smiley.

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