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Sunday Cinema: Panic in Year Zero!

Ray Milland directed and stars in Panic in Year Zero!, a 1962 post-apocalyptic SciFi film in which a family survives a thermonuclear war. Like you do. The film also features Jean Hagen, Frankie Avalon (!) and Joan Freeman.

[via Divers and Sundry]

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4 Comments on Sunday Cinema: Panic in Year Zero!

  1. I watched this years ago and don’t remember much about it. I remember thinking the music was fun, and I’m always surprised by what Ray Milland shows up in.

  2. This is based on “Lot” and “Lot’s Daughter” by Ward Moore. The original stories are a hell of a lot grimmer than the relatively sanitized atomic apocalypse depicted here. If you can find a copy (there was an omnibus of the two), I urge you to seek it out and read it.

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