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Table of Contents: ABBREVIATED EPICS Edited by Juliana Rew

Here is table of contents for the new anthology Abbreviated Epics edited by Juliana Rew…

But first, the the description:

Can you make a “Hero’s Journey” in 10 pages or less? And what if you’re a heroine?

Abbreviated Epics from Third Flatiron Anthologies is a double issue containing 19 very short fantasy adventures featuring samurai and shield maidens, alternate history and steampunk, and myths old and new. The issue also contains a reprint of Jo Walton’s epic poem, “Odin on the Tree.”

Abbreviated Epics proudly showcases an international group of new and established speculative fiction authors, who share with us just a smidgen of the heroic and grand. Contributors include: Siobhan Gallager, Iain Ishbel, Deborah Walker, Manuel Royal, Jordan Ashley Moore, Martin Clark, Ben Solomon, Margarita Tenser, Gustavo Bondoni, Adria Laycraft, Daniel Coble, Steve Coate, Jo Walton, Elliotte Rusty Harold, Marissa James, Jake Teeny, Alison McBain, Patricia S. Bowne, Stephen D. Rogers, and Robin Wyatt Dunn.

Here’s the table of contents…

  1. “Blade Between Oni and Hare” by Siobhan Gallagher
  2. “HMS Invisible and the Halifax Slaver” by Iain Ishbel
  3. “Beyond the Turning Orrery” by Deborah Walker
  4. “Heart-Shaped” by Manuel Royal
  5. “A Wolf Is Made” by Jordan Ashley Moore
  6. “Through an Ocular, Darkly” by Martin Clark
  7. “Damfino Plays for Table Stakes” by Ben Solomon
  8. “Flash Humor: The Committee” by Margarita Tenser
  9. “Rain over Lesser Boso” by Gustavo Bondoni
  10. “The Perfection of the Steam-Powered Armour” by Adria Laycraft
  11. “Assault on the Summit” by Daniel Coble
  12. “Fortunate Son” by Steve Coate
  13. “Odin on the Tree” by Jo Walton
  14. “Refusing the Call” by Elliotte Rusty Harold
  15. “The Blue Cup” by Marissa James
  16. “Toward the Back” by Jake Teeny
  17. “The Lost Children” by Alison McBain
  18. “Great Light’s Daughters” by Patricia S. Bowne
  19. “Qinggong Ji” by Stephen D. Rogers
  20. “On a Train With a Coyote Ghost” by Robin Wyatt Dunn
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