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Tobias Buckell Announces XENOWEALTH Collection Kickstarter

Tobias Buckell has just announced a crowdfunding effort for his next fiction collection, Xenowealth. This is a collection of stories in the same universe as his refreshing and fun novels Crystal Rain, Ragamuffin, Sly Mongoose, and The Apocalypse Ocean…and featuring the baddest of badasses, Pepper. If you liked those stories, you’ll love the stories in this collection, which will include:

  • “The Fish Merchant”
  • “Manumission”
  • “Resistance”
  • “A Cold Heart”
  • “Necahual”
  • “The Loa”
  • “Placa del Fuego”
  • “The Rydr Express”

If you’ve ever wanted all the Pepper stories bound into one volume — this is your chance. There are lots of cool stretch goals, too, so be sure to go check out Tobias’ project on Kickstarter!

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