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Free SF, Fantasy and Horror Fiction for 12/20/2014

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What’s Special About Today’s Free Fiction?

  1. Shimmer #22 – November 2014


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Audio – Radio Dramas

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Free eBooks – Science Fiction

Earthrise (Her Instruments #1) by M.C.A. Hogarth
Reese Eddings has enough to do just keeping her rattletrap merchant vessel, the TMS Earthrise, profitable enough to pay food for herself and her micro-crew. So when a mysterious benefactor from her past shows up demanding she rescue a man from slavers, her first reaction is to say “NO!” And then to remember that she sort of promised to repay the loan. But she doesn’t remember signing up to tangle with pirates and slavers over a space elf prince…
[Space Opera Novel – First of Series – Amazon]

The Chimera Vector: The Fifth Column 1 by Nathan M Farrugia
Recruited as a child, Sophia is a deniable operative for the Fifth Column. Like all operatives, Sophia’s DNA has been altered to augment her senses and her mind is splintered into programmed subsets.
[Science Fiction Spy Novel – Amazon]

Free eBooks – Post-Apocalyptic and Dystopian – Young Adult

Night of the Purple Moon (The Toucan Trilogy) by Scott Cramer
Abby is looking forward to watching the moon turn purple, unaware that deadly bacteria from a passing comet will soon kill off older teens and adults. She must help her brother and baby sister survive in this new world, but all the while she has a ticking time bomb inside of her–adolescence.
[YA Post-Apocalyptic Novel – First of Series – Amazon]

Free eBooks – Fantasy

The Black Parade by Kyoko M
Jordan Amador. 21. New Yorker. Waitress. Mild alcoholic. Murderer.
Two years ago, Jordan accidentally shot and killed a Seer: a person who can see, hear, and talk to ghosts with unfinished business. Her crime came with a hefty price, too. She has two years to help a hundred souls cross over to the afterlife or her soul is bound for hell. Tough break.
As if that weren’t bad enough, two days before her deadline a handsome pain-in-the-ass poltergeist named Michael strolls into her life. His soul is the key to her salvation, but the cost just might be more than she can handle. Solving his death puts her right in the crosshairs of Belial: a vain, bloodthirsty archdemon who won’t rest until she’s his slave. Can she rescue Michael and save her own soul, or will they both be dragged down into the clutches of the eternal black parade?

[Dark Urban Fantasy Novel – Amazon]

The Forever King (The Forever King Trilogy #1) by Warren Murphy
When ten-year-old Arthur Blessing finds a strange antique cup, he has no idea it’s the most sought after object in history. Nor does he realize the discovery of the Holy Grail will take him on a journey that defies the rules of space and time.
As the cup’s fate-appointed guardian, Arthur is charged with protecting it from dark magic and a madman determined to harness the Grail’s legendary power.The mission threatens his very life, with assassins aligned against him at every turn.
Along the way, a washed-up ex-FBI agent and a mysteriously knowledgeable old man join Arthur in his dangerous task to keep the cup safe…and unlock the secrets of the boy’s own destiny.

[Arthurian Fantasy Novel – First of Series – Amazon]

The Guest (The Chosen Chronicles) by Karen Dales
A short story of the Angel of Death within The Chosen Chronicles
[Historical Fantasy Short Story – Amazon]

Free eBooks – Fantasy – Young Adult

Airel: The Awakening (The Airel Saga #1) by Aaron Patterson
All Airel wanted was to be normal…
She seems like an average 17-year-old in the anonymous little city of Boise, Idaho: Airel. But those untroubled days are soon to end, and the change she undergoes will be so radical she will wonder if it wasn’t all an illusion to begin with. Pursued ferociously, relentlessly by an ancient enemy in the deepest darkness, now she will have to learn how to fight for her life. And all because of who she is, because of her lineage. Because of this she will never have what she wants most: she will never be normal.

[YA Fantasy Novel – First of Series – Amazon]

Free eBooks – Fantasy – Paranormal and Romance

Apotheosis of the Immortal: Book I by Joshua Chaudry
Elijah’s family is savagely butchered while he lies helpless, forced to witness the carnage until a vicious blow to the head mercifully ends his agony. But at some point during that terrible night he is baptized in blood and birthed into immortality. As his body rises once more, his mind and heart solidify with a clear and immutable purpose: to hunt down the beings responsible for his loved ones’ deaths and destroy them, whatever the cost.
[Fantasy Romance Novel – First of Series – Amazon]

Ash to Embers (Courting Shadows #1) by C.V. Larkin
If Tian wasn’t a badass sociopath she’d be an emotional basket case. Warped is a pesky side effect of an immortality enslaved to the Dark Court of the Unseelie Sidhe. After an endless life of servitude she craves oblivion, but hey, she’ll settle for the status quo that keeps her from being traded to an endless supply of sadists and psychotics for small favors. Too bad the Sidhe Oracle is both and he’s tasked her to find a relic he’d lost in the human world. His violent insistence leaves Tian with two stupendous problems. The first is obtaining said Faerie relic without seeking help from her own kind. The second is a brutal hot stranger named Sio, who keeps derailing her cozy little train of soulless emotional vacancy.
Sio has the temperament of a hero and all the hobbies of a villain. The normal life he struggles with is a cover for the time he spends burying an abusive past under long lines of anonymous bedmates and bouts of violent underground fighting. Trouble is, his version of normal has been on the implode since lousy judgment and a spectacular sexual performance ran him afoul of a local wizard.
When Tian saves Sio from an assassin in the bathroom of a local nightclub, the only way out is a nice swift drop kick into the masticating shadows of Tir Na Nog. There Sio comes face to Fae with a lifetime of personal demons, a murderous pack of rug rat night terrors, the meaning of true love, and the disturbing realization that the past he’s run from may not be the biggest secret in his life.
Unfortunately, the wizards are waiting for his return and they intend to kill them both.
That is, if the Unseelie Sidhe don’t get to them first.

[Fantasy Romance Novel – First of Series – Amazon]

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