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SF/F Crowd Funding Roundup For 12/9/2014

Crowd funding is the in thing for obtaining money to fund a variety of projects, with Kickstarter being the most prominent of these sites. With new projects going live daily, it’s a chore to keep up with, let alone find, interesting genre projects. The Crowd Funding Roundup will be our effort to bring projects we think are interesting to your attention so you can, if you so choose, decide to help out. These posts are a collaborative effort between James Aquilone and JP Frantz.


What’s it about? Six collections of six stories each, brought to you in a one-time offering by six of today’s most exciting speculative fiction authors.

Why it’s interesting:  Bradley P. Beaulieu, Brenda Cooper, Stephen Gaskell, Tina Connolly, Will McIntosh, Martha Wells each contribute six stories. For those not too good at math, that’s 36 tales in all, “roughly twice the size of a typical anthology.” Each collection is available in DRM-free EPUB, MOBI, and PDF versions, and you can get all of them for as low as $13. Other rewards include signed paperback and hardcover books from the authors.


What’s it about? The TV Tropes website is getting a makeover.

Why it’s interesting: The Internet’s No. 1 source on tropes is “becoming more awesome.” The site’s owner are looking to spruce up with new designs, mobile versions, thematic discovery, a complete database overhaul, and much much more. Rewards include memberships into the development team, T-shirts, and 2016 TV Tropes-themed calendars.



What’s it about? Friends are rallying to help Julie Jones fund a new wheelchair accessible van after Ol’ Smoky goes belly up.

Why it’s interesting: WriterJulie Jones, who has spinal muscular atrophy, needs a new van after her 25-year-old vehicle broke down. You can help by donating any amount you like, but a $25 pledge gets you an e-book copy of her Halloween novella Jack of the Lantern.


What’s it about? Scattered thoughts on the action figure marketing of the ’80s.

Why it’s interesting: Each Sold Separately is a 48-page hardcover book about those ubiquitous toy promotions from the 1980s. The full-color book comes packed with images and thoughts on action figure marketing during the Reagan administration. A PDF of the book is $8, while the hardcover is $16.

What’s it about? Using the original, endlessly expandable Turbo Rally Card Racing platform, THUNDER TRACK adds more twists and turns with over 30 new card designs and play updates sure to excite racers of all ages
Why it’s interesting: Basically Car Wars using your own miniature cars and a track made from a special deck of cards. If someone were motivated enough, I can see specialty terrain being built and used (as in the pictures) to further the post-apocalyptic vibe. Sounds cool to me! $28 gets you the base game and the print-n-race version.

What’s it about? A Lovecraftian horror RPG from the creator of Stars Without Number designed for sandbox play and home-brewed Mythos creation.
Why it’s interesting: I don’t play a lot of RPGs, but I rarely see a sandbox style pen and paper RPG, that’s something confined to the Grand Theft Auto style of video games, so that’s intriguing enough. Then add in the ability to roll your own Lovecraftian Mythos to drive your friends’ characters insane and I think you’ve got something really interesting. If you don’t mind digital only, you can pledge $15 for the game PDF, while $20 will get you the game PDF and an at cost code for you to use at DriveThruRPG to purchase the print on demand hard of softcover book when it’s finished. Given the typical cost of a hardback book, $31 total seems like a decent price.

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