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Special Needs in Strange Worlds: A Look Back at 2014

Wow, this year has been something else. While I started this column at the tail end of 2013 (with very little hope of success), I think it really started to take off in 2014 (which has shocked me in the best possible way). This year has been absolutely amazing. Special Needs in Strange Worlds has introduced me to some of the most incredible people I’ve ever had the honor to meet. It’s immersed me in issues regarding the differently-abled in the genre, and really has made me want to do anything I can to shine more light on this sadly overlooked area of the genre.

I’ve been floored by the authors, editors, readers, and bloggers who have been supportive, engaging, and emotionally invested in the success of this column. Because of all of you, Special Needs in Strange Worlds has been a success, and (hopefully) will continue to be a success. You guys have educated me, humbled me, and enlightened me and so many others.

Looking back at 2014, here are the ten most popular Special Needs in Strange Worlds posts:

  1. Elizabeth Bear on Writing Disabilities
  2. Jim C. Hines on Writing with Depression
  3. Sarah Monette on Abinism
  4. A “Special Needs in Strange Worlds” Reading List
  5. We Need Fiction to Tell the Truth by Stephanie Saulter
  6. When Abilities Become Disabling
  7. Zachary Jernigan on Why Defining Oneself as an Author with Mental Illness is Difficult
  8. Disabilities in YA
  9. Corrina Lawson on Autism and Superpowers
  10. Max Gladstone on Life’s Objectivity

I have some exciting things planned for 2015. I’m always, always looking for content for this column. If you have any ideas, or thoughts in that regard, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will keep this column alive until people stop participating, and I hope that never happens.

In other news, I’ve paired up with Shaun Duke of The Skiffy and Fanty Show to edit a Special Needs in Strange Worlds anthology, to (tentatively) be released in August of 2015, all proceeds to charity. More information will be unveiled as it comes.

Thanks again to all of you for making this year one of the most memorable years I’ve ever had in the genre. I hope 2014 was just a sign of things to come.

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  1. Paul Weimer // December 30, 2014 at 5:17 am //

    Thank you for all you do with SNISW, Sarah. I appreciate it.

  2. We’re going to rock the scene next year, Sarah. And then we’ll become SF/F’s master and build a palace of emeralds.

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