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The Star Wars Christmas Light Show

Do the words “Star Wars Holiday Special” cause you to flee in terror? Good, they should. But to help you recover from the horror that was inflicted on the world during the holidays of 1978, here’s an incredible Chirstmas light show set to that classic Christmas music that runs through all 6 films.

A bazillion lights? Check. Well choreographed? Check. (I particularly like the singing heads and the TIE Fighter blowing up) Over the top? Oh yes. Awesome? Heck yeah! And before you start blasting this guy for being a bad neighbor, he’s taken the trouble to ensure the lights don’t hit his neighbor’s houses, or the local airspace, and he’ll go outside and direct traffic if it gets too bad. Also, the music is only broadcast via a short range FM transmitter so there’s no noise to worry about. An really, can Star Wars music ever be considered “noise”?


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2 Comments on The Star Wars Christmas Light Show

  1. A million times better than the Holiday Special. The only way to watch it is with RiffTrax, and even then it’s painful.

  2. I…I…I…wow.

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