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Table of Contents: Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine, January/February 2015

Here is the table of contents for the new issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine:


  • “Prisoner of Pandarius” By Matthew Hughes
  • “Lightning Jack’s Last Ride” By Dale Bailey
  • “Jubilee: A Seastead Story” By Naomi Kritzer
  • “Portrait of a Witch” By Albert E. Cowdrey
  • “Farewell Blues” By Bud Webster


  • “Telling Stories to the Sky” By Eleanor Arnason
  • “Out Of The Jar” By Eric Schwitzgebel
  • “History’s Best Places to Kiss” By Nik Houser
  • “The Chart of the Vagrant Mariner” By Alan Baxter
  • “The Man From X” By Gregor Hartmann
  • “The Gazelle Who Begged for Her Life” By Francis Marion Soty


  • “Robot Agonistes” By Alan Ira Gordon
  • “An Undiscovered Country” By Robert Frazier


  • Books To Look For By Charles De Lint
  • Books By James Sallis
  • Plumage From Pegasus: The Stealer Of Marketshare By Paul Di Filippo
  • Films: Female Trouble By David J. Skal
  • Coming Attractions
  • Science: Falling Into The Unknowable By Paul Doherty And Pat Murphy
  • Curiosities By Stephen Haffner
  • Cartoons by Joseph Farris, Arthur Masear, and Danny Shanahan

Cover By Kent Bash For “Farewell Blues”

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