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TRAILER PARK: Mad Max – Fury Road, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell, Inside Out

It’s time for another run to the Trailer Park so get your popcorn and roll the top down!

Mad Max: Fury Road

Tom Hardy as Max is as intelligible in this trailer as he was playing Bane, but he doesn’t really need to say anything to play Mad Max. The question is: Is there anything new here worth seeing? Aside from the impressive visuals that is. (And no, I won’t be attending the 3D showing…)

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell

The BBC is adapting Susanna Clarke’s novel for the small screen. It’s been over a year since this was announced and there still isn’t an air date. But once there is, you’ll be able to tune and in and see why magic hasn’t ended in England.

Inside Out

I admit it, I laughed throughout this trailer. I do like Pixar films and this one, at least from the trailer, looks like another good one to me!

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