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Call for Submissions: BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR, Volume 8 Edited by Ellen Datlow

Ellen Datlow is editing the anthology series Best Horror of the Year (Night Shade Books) and is currently reading for the eighth volume, which will include all material published in 2015, reprints only.

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Call for Submissions: BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR, Volume 8 Edited by Ellen Datlow

I am looking for stories and poetry from all branches of horror: from the traditional-supernatural to the borderline, including high-tech sf horror, supernatural stories, psychological horror, dark crime, or anything else that might qualify. If in doubt, send it. This is a reprint anthology so I am only reading material published in or about to be published in 2015. Submission deadline for individual stories is December 15th 2015. I’ll look at galleys or manuscripts. Authors should check that their publishers are sending review copies to me as I don’t have time or energy to nag publishers to get me material. I request it once (maybe twice) and that’s it.

You can query me as to whether I have your collection or anthology at

There will be a summation of “the year in horror” in the front of the volume. This includes novels, nonfiction, poetry, art books, and “odds and ends”– material that doesn’t fit elsewhere but that I feel might interest the horror reader. But I must be aware of this material in order to mention it. The deadline for submissions to this section is December 15th, 2015.

Ellen Datlow
Best Horror of the Year Volume Eight
PMB 391
511 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10011-8436

****I regularly read many magazines that publish horror (Black Static, Dark Discoveries, Cemetery Dance, Supernatural Tales, F&SF and the other digests, etc.) or from anthologies and collections, unless I don’t have or can’t get that anthology or collection. Again, please ask your publisher to send me the magazine or book. For online publications, please have your publishers email me doc files of your stories. I will also accept printouts of stories produced and first “published” in 2015 as podcasts.

Please do not send an SASE. If I choose a story you will be informed. For confirmation that I‘ve received something, enclose a self-addressed-stamped postcard and I will let you know the date it arrived.

Thank you,
Ellen Datlow
Editor and reviewer

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