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Hugo Awards Eligibility for SF Signal and Its Contributors

[Sniff, sniff…] Ah, the smell of Hugo Awards season, when the Internet is filled with the aroma of award eligibility posts and recommendations for award-worthy works of others.

Here at SF Signal — winner of three Hugo Awards: two for Best Fanzine and one for Best Fancast, thank you! — we think it’s great that folks are made aware of things that might be eligible, so voters can make informed decisions. Posts like John Scalzi’s Awards Awareness post and the Hugo Award Eligible Artists Tumblr go a long way to serving that need.

To that same end, here’s a rundown of Hugo categories for which SF Signal contributors (both regular and visiting) are eligible for their work here on SF Signal. I am personally not entertaining any Hugo nominations for myself this year, but I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the hard work of one of the best blogging teams around.


Here’s a list of the folks who regularly contributed to SF Signal in 2104 and are eligible for Best Fan Writer, should you be so kind as to see them worthy of a nomination. Many of them are eligible in other categories as well, so do check out their linked websites to learn more.


Our incredible lineup of guest posts means that each guest contributor is eligible for Best Related Work, should you be so kind as to see it worthy of a nomination.

  1. Susie Moloney on Aliens and the Single Girl(1/2/2014)
  2. Garrett Calcaterra, Craig Comer & Ahimsa Kerp on Mosaic Novels(1/6/2014)
  3. Jack Bee on Tales from the Superverse(1/7/2014)
  4. A.C. Wise on Women to Read: Where to Start: January 2014 Edition(1/9/2014)
  5. Liz Coley on Science Fiction Inspirations(1/10/2014)
  6. Catherine Lundoff on LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy in the 1970s(1/14/2014)
  7. Alma Katsu on Alchemy: Science or Magic?(1/15/2014)
  8. Jaye Wells on Bathtub Alchemy: Updating Established Magic Systems(1/16/2014)
  9. Anne Charnock on Dystopian Influences on the Philip K. Dick Nominated A CALCULATED LIFE(1/20/2014)
  10. Kate Onyett on HOW TO BE DEAD by Dave Turner(1/20/2014)
  11. J.M. McDermott on Writing Science Fiction at the End of the Genre(1/21/2014)
  12. Brian Staveley on Bootlegging and Manure-Spreading: The Starting of Sequels(1/22/2014)
  13. Amalie Howard on World-building in THE ALMOST GIRL(1/23/2014)
  14. Bill Gourgey on The Great Romance of Technology(1/27/2014)
  15. Paul Kearney on The Road to Writing(1/28/2014)
  16. Ben Blattberg on ONCE UPON A TIME: NEW FAIRY TALES Edited by Paula Guran(1/28/2014)
  17. Marie Bilodeau on The Name of the Trickster(1/29/2014)
  18. DK Mok on Endings, and What Comes After(1/30/2014)
  19. Adam Christopher’s 5 Favorite Urban Fantasies(2/3/2014)
  20. Pamela Palmer on How to End a Long-Running Series(2/4/2014)
  21. A.C. Wise on Women to Read: Where to Start: February 2014 Edition(2/5/2014)
  22. Steve Rasnic Tem on Southern Gothic and the Appalachian Weird(2/6/2014)
  23. David Gullen on Holiday Reading and Writing(2/7/2014)
  24. Top 5 Anime That SciFi Fans Will Love(2/10/2014)
  25. Simon Ings (Author of WOLVES) interviewed by Keith Brooke(2/11/2014)
  26. How Dave Hutchinson Wrote EUROPE IN AUTUMN(2/12/2014)
  27. Darryl Knickrehm’s 7 Reasons You Should Be Watching Short SciFi Films(2/13/2014)
  28. Amanda Bridgeman’s Space Opera Dream Team (+ Worldwide Giveaway!)(2/14/2014)
  29. E.L. Tettensor on How To Spice Up a Mystery Story with Speculative Fiction(2/17/2014)
  30. Peter Higgins on Alternate History of the Disreputable Kind (+ Giveaway!)(2/18/2014)
  31. Tom O’Donnell Asks “How Alien?”(2/20/2014)
  32. Sam J. Miller on Sitting Shiva for Electric Velocipede(2/21/2014)
  33. Christopher J. Garcia on The Story of a SciFi Shorts Film Program(2/25/2014)
  34. Shaun Duke on World SF and the Global Archipelago of Worlds(2/27/2014)
  35. Claude Lalumière (NOCTURNES AND OTHER NOCTURNES) interviewed by Keith Brooke(2/28/2014)
  36. Jonathan Wood on Pictures That are Worth 1000 words (+ Giveaway for NO HERO!)(3/4/2014)
  37. Tansy Rayner Roberts on “Cranky Ladies”(3/6/2014)
  38. Michaele Jordan Presents Internationally Fannish!(3/10/2014)
  39. Darryl Knickrehm on How to Make an Entire Series From a Simple Writing Exercise(3/11/2014)
  40. A.C. Wise on Women to Read: Where to Start: March 2014 Edition(3/12/2014)
  41. Miles Cameron on Writing Fantasy-Battles, War, and Violence(3/13/2014)
  42. Fran Wilde on Staying Ahead of Evolving Technology(3/14/2014)
  43. Sue Lange’s Notes from a Postmodernist Anonymous Meeting(3/17/2014)
  44. Chris Wooding asks ‘What Is Steampunk, Anyway?’(3/18/2014)
  45. SciFi Comedies on Radio and TV by John Richards(3/20/2014)
  46. Steve McHugh on The Story Behind THE HELLEQUIN CHRONICLES(3/24/2014)
  47. Stephanie Saulter Doesn’t Do Dystopia(3/26/2014)
  48. Kathryn Ryan on AMONG THIEVES by Douglas Hulick(3/27/2014)
  49. David Conyers and David Kernot on 8 Exoplanet-Inspired Science Fiction Novels(3/31/2014)
  50. Aidan Harte on Soldiers of Misfortune(4/1/2014)
  51. Author Tom O’Donnell Responds to Our Negative Book Review(4/1/2014)
  52. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Rhiannon Held on Being “Unable to Shift”(4/2/2014)
  53. Sabrina Benulis on The Daunting Task of Writing a Book Series(4/2/2014)
  54. Catherine Lundoff on LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy in the 1980s(4/3/2014)
  55. Katherine Addison (Author of THE GOBLIN EMPEROR) on Breaking Down the Walls of Fantasy(4/4/2014)
  56. Heather Massey Chats with Sharon Lynn Fisher About THE OPHELIA PROPHECY, Freaky Orange Cats and Praying Mantis Sex(4/7/2014)
  57. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Elizabeth Bear on Writing Disabilities(4/8/2014)
  58. Jon Sprunk’s Inspirations for BLOOD AND IRON(4/9/2014)
  59. Lorie Ann Grover on Why She Wrote About Gendercide(4/11/2014)
  60. Seth Skorkowsky on The Story Behind DÄMOREN(4/14/2014)
  61. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Michael J. Sullivan on Being Atypical in HOLLOW WORLD(4/15/2014)
  62. S.G. Browne on The Writing Life(4/15/2014)
  63. A.C. Wise on Women to Read: Where to Start (Apocalypse Edition)(4/16/2014)
  64. Keith Brooke Says The Most Political Story is a Good One(4/17/2014)
  65. Alex Scarrow on Why He Went the Self-Publishing Route(4/18/2014)
  66. Ben Blattberg on THE HALF-MADE WORLD by Felix Gilman(4/21/2014)
  67. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Daryl Gregory on Minds, Bodies, and The Three D’s(4/22/2014)
  68. The Enigmatic Stephen Palmer Interviewed by Keith Brooke(4/22/2014)
  69. David Steffen’s Intro to Fiction Podcasts(4/24/2014)
  70. Suzanne Church on 10 Ways to Keep Your SF&F-Loving Boyfriend Happy While Enjoying Your Horror Fix(4/28/2014)
  71. Laurence MacNaughton on The True Story Behind THE SPIDER THIEF: STOLEN MEMORY (+ Giveaway!)(4/28/2014)
  72. Jeffrey Thomas Tells the Story Behind GHOSTS OF PUNKTOWN(4/29/2014)
  73. Hayden Trenholm on Getting Strangers into Bed(4/30/2014)
  74. Mark T. Barnes on 5 World Building Tips for Aspiring Epic Fantasists(5/1/2014)
  75. Timothy Baker on The Journey of Science in Horror(5/5/2014)
  76. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: We Need Fiction to Tell the Truth by Stephanie Saulter(5/6/2014)
  77. Kathryn Ryan on SWORN IN STEEL by Douglas Hulick(5/6/2014)
  78. Kristi Helvig on How Astrophysics Informed BURN OUT(5/7/2014)
  79. Jeff Carlson’s The E-Report (Part 3)(5/12/2014)
  80. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Sarah Monette on Albinism(5/13/2014)
  81. What Michael J. Martinez Learned from “The Empire Strikes Back”(5/14/2014)
  82. Gerry Canavan on Dystopia, Anti-Utopia, and the End of the World(5/15/2014)
  83. A.C. Wise on Women to Read: Where to Start: May 2014 Edition(5/15/2014)
  84. Alison Sinclair’s 5 Lessons from Writing BREAKPOINT: NEREIS(5/16/2014)
  85. Jeff Carlson’s The E-Report (Part 4)(5/19/2014)
  86. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Jim C. Hines on Writing with Depression(5/20/2014)
  87. L.E. Modesitt, Jr. Reflects on More Than 40 Years of F&SF Publication(5/20/2014)
  88. Ari Marmell on How to Successfully Create Suspension of Disbelief(5/21/2014)
  89. Mia Marshall on Whether Men Are From Mars and Urban Fantasy is From Venus(5/22/2014)
  90. Clifford Beal on Balancing Fact And Fancy In Historical Fantasy(5/23/2014)
  91. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Jaime Lee Moyer on Limitations in Historical Fantasy(5/27/2014)
  92. Sarah Cawkwell on Alternate History with Fantasy and Magic(5/27/2014)
  93. Jill Archer Asks: What Is It With The Devil And Violins?(5/29/2014)
  94. Catherine Asaro on Kickstarting AURORA IN FOUR VOICES(5/29/2014)
  95. Robert Treskillard on How To Make Your Own Fantasy Sword(5/30/2014)
  96. Kenneth G. Bennett on The Lord Of The Rings, Dark Side Of The Moon, And The Role Of Humility In Art(6/2/2014)
  97. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Sharon Lynn Fisher on Honing Character via Physical Challenges(6/3/2014)
  98. Danie Ware on 8 Things to Remember About Sequels(6/4/2014)
  99. What Finishing A Trilogy Taught Jo Anderton About The Creative Process(6/5/2014)
  100. A.C. Wise on Women to Read: Where to Start: June 2014 Edition(6/5/2014)
  101. Ben Blattberg on TRUTH AND FEAR by Peter Higgins(6/6/2014)
  102. Peter Liney on The Age of Dystopia(6/10/2014)
  103. Tansy Rayner Roberts on Serials and Spaceships(6/16/2014)
  104. Kevin J. Anderson on Writing an Epic at Warp Speed(6/17/2014)
  105. Rena Mason on Why Horror and Science Fiction Aren’t Such Strange Bedfellows After All(6/18/2014)
  106. How Kieran Shea Made the Jump From Crime Fiction to Science Fiction(6/19/2014)
  107. Gail Z. Martin on The Speed Bumps on the Way to Committing Fiction(6/23/2014)
  108. Christian Schoon on The Shutting Down of Strange Chemistry(6/25/2014)
  109. Daniel Mills on 5 Short Masterpieces by the Women of Horror’s Golden Age(6/25/2014)
  110. Lincoln Crisler on Other Worlds Than These(6/26/2014)
  111. Chris Kelso on 5 Scottish SF Writers Who Might Just Blow Your Mind(6/27/2014)
  112. Christopher Grano of Zahatar on Putting Charles de Lint’s Words to Music(6/30/2014)
  113. M.R. Carey on The Appliance of Science in THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS(6/30/2014)
  114. [#AngryRobot5] Kaaron Warren Celebrates Angry Robot’s 5th Birthday by Naming The 5 Most Horrendous Real People You May Not Have Heard Of (+ Giveaway!)(7/1/2014)
  115. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Mur Lafferty on Limitations for the Supernatural(7/1/2014)
  116. 3 Things Betsy Dornbusch Learned by Writing Fantasy(7/1/2014)
  117. Catherine Lundoff on LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy in the 1990s(7/2/2014)
  118. J. Kathleen Cheney on Forgiving Anne McCaffrey(7/3/2014)
  119. Kevin Lucia on Hiding In The Cracks Between Things(7/4/2014)
  120. Susan Klaus on Choosing Your Protagonist(7/7/2014)
  121. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Zachary Jernigan on Why Defining Oneself as a Writer with Mental Illness is Difficult(7/8/2014)
  122. D.B. Jackson on The History Behind The Historical Fiction Behind the THIEFTAKER CHRONICLES(7/8/2014)
  123. Jacques Nyemb on 10 Great Comics You’ve Probably Never Heard Of(7/8/2014)
  124. How Playing A Video Game Helped Malcolm Cross Learn And Write About The Wonders of Life Without Gravity(7/9/2014)
  125. A.C. Wise on Women to Read: Where to Start: July 2014 Edition(7/10/2014)
  126. Brian Herbert (THE LITTLE GREEN BOOK OF CHAIRMAN RAHMA) on The Green Religion(7/11/2014)
  127. Michaele Jordan on French Anime(7/14/2014)
  128. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Max Gladstone on Life’s Objectivity(7/15/2014)
  129. Craig Cormick’s 5 Lessons on The Pitfalls of Writing a Sequel(7/16/2014)
  130. Jo Lindsay Walton Reviews ANNIHILATION by Jeff VanderMeer(7/21/2014)
  131. Jonathan Winn on A Monster Hiding in Plain Sight(7/22/2014)
  132. Narelle Ho Sang Reviews BALD NEW WORLD by Tieryas Liu(7/28/2014)
  133. A Newcomer’s Viewing Guide to Doctor Who(7/29/2014)
  134. Ben Blattberg on CALIFORNIA BONES by Greg van Eekhout(7/30/2014)
  135. Rachel S. Cordasco on ROBOT UPRISINGS Edited by Daniel H. Wilson and John Joseph Adams(8/4/2014)
  136. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Holly Kench on Labels and Boxes(8/5/2014)
  137. Nick Cole on GameNoir(8/6/2014)
  138. A.C. Wise on Women to Read: Where to Start: August 2014 Edition(8/7/2014)
  139. Eric Brown on What Steampunk Means To Me(8/11/2014)
  140. Alvaro Zinos-Amaro’s Crackpot Questions for Steve Rasnic Tem(8/11/2014)
  141. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Chris Dolley on OCD and How to Write a Thriller When Your Protagonist Refuses To Leave His Room(8/12/2014)
  142. Daryl Gregory on How to Write a Completely Inadequate Horror Movie(8/12/2014)
  143. Lynne M. Thomas & Michael Damian Thomas Want YOU…to Join the Space Unicorn Rangers Corps!(8/12/2014)
  144. M. Sean Coleman on The Line Between Fiction, Science Fiction and Reality(8/13/2014)
  145. Sunny Moraine Takes You Down the Roads of a Sequel(8/18/2014)
  146. Special Needs in Strange Worlds Guest Post: Kameron Hurley on Invisibility and Assumptions – Finding Distance in Writing About Chronic Illness(8/19/2014)
  147. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Dave-Brendon de Burgh on The Deaf(8/26/2014)
  148. Patrick Swenson on The Marriage of Sci-Fi and Noir(8/27/2014)
  149. Crystal Koo on Spaces for Speculative Fiction in Hong Kong(8/28/2014)
  150. Kameron Hurley on 5 Things I Learned When I Stopped Worrying About Genre(8/28/2014)
  151. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Corrina Lawson on Autism and Superpowers(9/2/2014)
  152. Richard Lee Byers on Fantasy’s Scoundrels(9/2/2014)
  153. A.C. Wise on Women to Read: Where to Start: September 2014 Edition(9/4/2014)
  154. Nancy Kress on Why She Writes So Much About Genetic Engineering(9/8/2014)
  155. Why You Want to Enter a Writing Contest(9/8/2014)
  156. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Jaym Gates on Her Own Damn Game(9/9/2014)
  157. Benjanun Sriduangkaew Goes Beyond The Great Wall of Europe to Get The Myths And Legends for SCALE-BRIGHT(9/10/2014)
  158. Alvaro Zinos-Amaro’s Crackpot Questions for Christa Faust(9/11/2014)
  159. We Need a Halloween for Science Fiction!(9/11/2014)
  160. Armand Rosamilia on Writing What You Know(9/12/2014)
  161. Timothy C. Ward on The Problems with Writing Fan Fiction and How To Solve Them(9/15/2014)
  162. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Sarah Hendrix on Portraying Disability in Short Stories(9/16/2014)
  163. Beyond Historical Fiction: Fear, Fantasy, and How Beth Cato Came to Steampunk(9/16/2014)
  164. Rachel S. Cordasco on THE SOUTHERN REACH TRILOGY by Jeff VanderMeer(9/17/2014)
  165. James L. Sutter on What Authors Owe Fans (Or: Maybe George R. R. Martin *Is* Your Bitch)(9/22/2014)
  166. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Kody Boye on The Power of Speech(9/23/2014)
  167. Shira Lipkin and Mat Joiner on Liminality: There Is No Box!(9/24/2014)
  168. Steven Gould on Reality, Verisimilitude, Imagination, and Exclusion(9/25/2014)
  169. Sallie Haws asks: What if Magic Were Real?(9/26/2014)
  170. Margaret Weis and Robert Krammes on Writing as a Team(9/29/2014)
  171. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Geoff Matthews on Special Education Needs and Reading(9/30/2014)
  172. Edward M. Lerner on The Near Future Is a Dangerous Place (for Writers, Too)(9/30/2014)
  173. Anton Strout on How To Be a Good Judge of Character (Plus: INCARNATE Giveaway!)(10/1/2014)
  174. Steven John on The Cast of OUTRIDER(10/2/2014)
  175. Eric Farrell on Identifying Yourself as an Episodic Writer(10/3/2014)
  176. Alexander Kosoris on 5 Essential Science Fiction and Fantasy Classics(10/6/2014)
  177. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Tina Connolly on Special Needs in the IRONSKIN Series(10/7/2014)
  178. A.C. Wise on Women to Read: Where to Start: October 2014 Edition(10/8/2014)
  179. Kenny Soward on Creating Fantastic Epic Battle Scenes(10/13/2014)
  180. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Melanie R. Meadors on Coping With Special Needs in Urban Fantasy(10/14/2014)
  181. Tina Connolly on Friendship in SILVERBLIND(10/15/2014)
  182. Author Adrian Cole on How Publishing Has Changed Since the 1960s(10/16/2014)
  183. Alma Alexander on The Collision of High Science with High Fantasy(10/17/2014)
  184. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: J. Kathleen Cheney on Trying to Write Blind(10/21/2014)
  185. Maria Alexander on 4 of the Dumbest Things Done with Swords in Film and Fiction(10/22/2014)
  186. Nicholas Kaufmann Goes Beyond “The Exorcist” with Demons of a Different Type(10/23/2014)
  187. Scott Taylor on A Disturbing Trend in Art Direction(10/27/2014)
  188. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Corinne Duyvis on Minding Your Metaphors(10/28/2014)
  189. Erik Williams on 5 Essential Horror Novels You Didn’t Know were Horror Novels(10/28/2014)
  190. Tom Calen says Goodbye to Our “Star Trek” Future(10/29/2014)
  191. Gail Z. Martin on What’s Ahead for DEADLY CURIOSITIES(10/30/2014)
  192. Jeff Carlson Has Alien Sex(10/31/2014)
  193. Richard Ellis Preston, Jr. on Airship Versus Flying Kraken Battle Tactics: A Steampunk Primer (Plus: Bonus Deals and Content)(11/3/2014)
  194. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Nalini Haynes on The 3 Ways People Deal with Disability(11/4/2014)
  195. Sarah Pinborough on Writing Fairy Tales for Grown-Ups(11/5/2014)
  196. Scarlett Amaris & Melissa St. Hilaire on The Pros and Cons of Co-Writing(11/6/2014)
  197. Guy Hasson’s Impressions from the Con(11/7/2014)
  198. Jennifer Marie Brissett on The Inspiration for Her Novel ELYSIUM(11/10/2014)
  199. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Erin Lindsey on Why Disabilities are Hard to Write(11/11/2014)
  200. A.C. Wise on Women to Read: Where to Start: November 2014 Edition(11/12/2014)
  201. Michaele Jordan on The Beautiful Anime of Michel Ocelot(11/13/2014)
  202. Bryan Thomas Schmidt on 5 Fantasy Series Military Fantasy Fans Don’t Want To Miss(11/17/2014)
  203. Special Needs in Strange Worlds – R. Leigh Hennig on Coping with a Loved One’s Disability(11/18/2014)
  204. Nick Mamatas Asks: Why Write Lovecraftian Fiction?(11/18/2014)
  205. Special Needs in Strange Worlds – Anne Leonard on THE DANCERS OF ARUN by Elizabeth A. Lynn(11/25/2014)
  206. We Are the Worlds by Alex Hughes (Plus: Worldwide Giveaway!)(11/25/2014)
  207. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Jacey Bedford on Creating Daniel Lorient in EMPIRE OF DUST(12/2/2014)
  208. Julie E. Czerneda on A Biologist’s Approach to Imaginary Creations(12/3/2014)
  209. Erin Lindsey on Sex and Explosions (Or, the Key to a Great Action Romance)(12/4/2014)
  210. Storm Constantine Offers a Glimpse into The Working Life of a Writer(12/8/2014)
  211. Glenn Cooper on The Story Behind NEAR DEATH (Plus: Giveaway)(12/9/2014)
  212. Catherine Lundoff on LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy 2000-2010 (Part 1)(12/11/2014)
  213. A.C. Wise on Women to Read: Where to Start: December 2014 Edition(12/12/2014)
  214. Judith Tarr on The Life Equestrian (And Horses in Spaaace!)(12/15/2014)
  215. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Alex Bledsoe on Creating The Firefly Witch(12/16/2014)
  216. Catherine Lundoff on LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy 2000-2010 (Part 2)(12/17/2014)
  217. Amanda Bridgeman Asks: Is There Such a Thing as Australian Sci-Fi?(12/18/2014)
  218. Timothy Johnson on Five Needlessly Inaccurate Sci-Fi Myths and Their Awesome Truths(12/19/2014)
  219. Jeff Somers on The Magical Side of Science Fiction(12/22/2014)
  220. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Debra Mullins on When Disability Changes Your World(12/23/2014)
  221. David Dakan Allison on How Science Fiction is Like Metaphysics(12/26/2014)
  222. Kelly Riad on The Top 5 Elves Who Kick Butt(12/29/2014)
  223. Karen Dudley on Why She Wrote a Comedic Take on Greek Mythology(12/30/2014)

We have a whole family of podcasts eligible for Best Fancast! Should you be so kind as to see them worthy of a nomination, please consider:


As a reminder, I have recused SF Signal from the Best Fanzine category…at least for as long as I was Editor. To be fair to Kristin, who took on the role of Editor this year, next year may be a different story.

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  1. Because he is humble to a fault, no where does John DeNardo mention himself. He has written not only articles and other posts here at his beloved SFSignal, but he also is writing for Kirkus.

    When you think Fan Writer, I humbly suggest that you give John consideration…whether he has recused himself the editor from the Best Fanzine category, he certainly deserves to be thought of in the Fan Writer category (even though he categorically denies that he is a writer).

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