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Here are three books that I want to read in the near future.


(St. Martin’s Griffin | February 3, 2015 | Cover illustration artist: S. Ross Browne)


Eden Reid is twenty-four year old ancient god from Brooklyn, New York. But she doesn’t know about the god part. Yet. What she does know is that she’s currently living a paralyzed life. She can’t seem to escape the things that scare her because the things that scare her seem to be everywhere. For instance, the tall thin man reading the Post across from her on the Staten Island ferry has a mouthful of razor-sharp teeth and has eyes like an owl. And the woman standing at the bow of the ferry , wearing the Donna Karan dress and the red-bottom pumps has the face of a cat. That’s not even the biggest problem. The biggest problem is that when she looks at them, they look back…as if they know her.
And life is about to get stranger. An extremely powerful demon is gunning for her; a zombie-like pandemic is spreading across the country, creating creatures who are hungry for flesh, fast on their feet and clever; and there is the mysterious, handsome stranger with powers of his own who claims to have been her lover from a time and a life that Eden cannot remember. He promises to help awaken her powers for the upcoming war. A war where there is only one prize: survival…


The cover grabbed me at first, as they do, and then the synopsis dragged me closer. Fantasy in an urban setting, gods, monsters, a woman needing to quickly come into her own power, all of the things I generally look for in a story. There might be some romance, but I don’t have any preset expectations of how that will turn out. I am just looking forward to the ride.


Master of Plagues by E.L. Tettensor
(Roc | February 3, 2015 | Cover illustration artist: Mike Heath)


Unraveling a deadly mystery takes time—and his is running out…

Having barely escaped the clutches of the Darkwalker, Inspector Nicolas Lenoir throws himself into his work with a determination he hasn’t known in years. But his legendary skills are about to be put to the test. A horrific disease is ravaging the city—and all signs point to it having been deliberately unleashed.

With a mass murderer on the loose, a rising body count, and every hound in the city on quarantine duty, the streets of Kennian are descending into mayhem, while Lenoir and his partner, Sergeant Bran Kody, are running out of time to catch a killer and find a cure.

Only one ray of hope exists: the nomadic Adali, famed for their arcane healing skills, claim to have a cure. But dark magic comes at a price, one even the dying may be unwilling to pay. All that’s left to Lenoir is a desperate gamble. And when the ashes settle, the city of Kennian will be changed forever…


I just discovered Tettensor’s Nicolas Lenoir series. I enjoyed book 1 then went off to search for more. Happily, book 2 is out in just a couple of weeks. I always enjoy when things come together so easily. An arrogant detective, subtle magic and deep conspiracies, these are a few more of my favorite things.


(Open Road Media | April 1, 2014 (originally published 1983) | Cover illustration artist: unknown)


Martha Macnamara knows that her daughter Elizabeth is in trouble, she just does not know what kind. Mysterious phone calls from San Francisco at odd hours of the night are the only contact she has had with Elizabeth for years. Now Elizabeth has sent her a plane ticket and reserved a room for her at San Francisco’s most luxurious hotel. Yet she has not tried to contact Martha since she arrived, leaving her lonely, confused, and a little bit worried. Into the story steps Mayland Long, a distinguished-looking and wealthy Chinese man who lives at the hotel and is drawn to Martha’s good nature and ability to pinpoint the truth of a matter. Mayland and Martha become close in a short period of time and he promises to help her find Elizabeth, making small inroads in the mystery before Martha herself disappears. Now Mayland is struck by the realization, too late, that he is in love with Martha, and now he fears for her life. Determined to find her, he sets his prodigious philosopher’s mind to work on the problem, embarking on a potentially dangerous adventure.


Yes, a book that came out in the 80s is on my radar. I’m still trying to balance reading older books as well as the shiny new releases. This book primarily drew my interest with the older leads. It is nice to read stories where adventure is not over at 30. The mystery intrigues me as well.

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2 Comments on On My Radar: DAUGHTER OF GODS AND SHADOWS by Jayde Brooks, MASTER OF PLAGUES by E.L. Tettensor, and TEA WITH THE BLACK DRAGON by R.A. MacAvoy

  1. Paul Weimer (@PrinceJvstin) // January 24, 2015 at 6:59 am //

    Tea with the Black Dragon well deserves the title “Classic”

  2. I’m so glad to see that MacAvoy’s book is being reprinted. Tea With the Black Dragon deserves all the attention of new readership. It is subtle and delightful.

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