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Short SciFi Film “Atropa” Inspired by Aliens and Blade Runner

In space, no one can you say, “Damn, I wish more TV SciFi could be like this!”

Eli Sasich directed this short film, written by Clay Tolbert, in which an off-world detective investigates a missing research vessel. The film is said to be inspired by ’70s and ’80s sci-fi classics like Alien and Blade Runner.

[via Geek Art Gallery]

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6 Comments on Short SciFi Film “Atropa” Inspired by Aliens and Blade Runner

  1. Sometimes, I just give up.

    We complain about the stupidity of “Prometheus”, and here we have a crew of humans crossing either interplanetary or interstellar space, and none of them are wearing space suits.

    So either they’re superhumans who can stand the vacuum of space, or the scrip just sucks.

    We’re somewhere in space, opening up airlocks of totally unknown spacecrafts, and we walk in wearing jogging clothes.

    The aliens must be laughing their–whatever their equivalent–arses off: humans will approach something strange *NOT EVEN WEARING A SPACE SUIT*.

    No need to kill them: they’ll do that themselves.

    TL:DR OMG what a dumb movie.

    PS: and the SF Signal website still sucks. Doesn’t scale right on my retina MacBook Pro, doesn’t scale right on my iPad or iPhone. For over three months already.

    Thank dog there’s Nautilus.

    • They’re super humans. Duh!

    • Good point about the space suit… but I still really liked it. Would love to see more.

    • Or, it’s just the case that this was a small, independent short film and creating a convincing space suit would have stretched an already minuscule budget. (Notice how the low lighting mainly disguises the lack of detail in the set design.)

      As a calling card and proof of concept from an aspiring filmmaker, it’s work that shows promise.

      TL;DR OMG what a dumb comment.

  2. I they want to make something like Bladerunner or Alien, get some French comic book artists to design it. 🙂

  3. The teaser convinces me that Eli Sasich has the chops to do a movie. Does he have the money?

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