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At Kirkus: War Cry: A New Original Dresden Files Story

You know I love The Dresden Files, right? Which means an all new, original Dresden story is the perfect think to help me get through the dark times between books… And I talk about that on the Kirkus Reviews blog today.

From the post:

Like Ghoul Goblin, and Welcome to the Jungle, War Cry is an original graphic novel written by Jim Butcher for Dynamite Comics. It’s illustrated by Carlos Gomez (Spectacular Spider-Man, Pathfinder) with a cover by Stjepan Sejic (Rat Queens, Ravine). By the time the events in Dead Beat happen, the war between the White Council and the Red Court is not going well – for the Council. The details of their (frankly) staggering losses are laid out in the first few pages of War Cry, leading them to draft Harry Dresden, rebel, outcast and all around troublemaker, who would much rather be relaxing in his town – Chicago – into their ranks. Now in charge of a small group of young Wardens – Carlos Ramirez, Yoshimo and “Wild Bill” Meyers – Harry has to load them up into the Blue Beetle and head to Iowa on a secret mission for the White Council.

Sound good? You should check out the rest of the post over on the Kirkus Reviews Blog!

Seriously.  Why are you still reading this?  Just click the link.

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