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Friday YouTube: “The Wizard of Speed and Time” in All its Stop-Motion Goodness


Ah, the late 1970’s, a simpler time characterized by flare pants and tie-dye. It’s the perfect setting for this bizarre 1979 stop-motion animated film called “The Wizard of Speed and Time” which is part short film, part music video and 100% groovy. [Thanks, Eddie, you magnificent bastard!]

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4 Comments on Friday YouTube: “The Wizard of Speed and Time” in All its Stop-Motion Goodness

  1. You’d do well to watch the 1988 feature film of the same name, also by Mike Jittlov.

    It’s actually on YouTube as well (while not exactly legally airtight, he’s previously said he sees no money from the vhs and laserdisc releases of the film, so he doesn’t particularly care if people download it):

  2. *sniff*, no one’s called me a magnificent bastard before. A tear just ran down my cheek.

    A few of his shorts and his demo reel are up on youtube, and and definitely worth checking out if you’re an animation fan. The amount of effect that he put into them is amazing. And the laserdisc version of the movie is my prized possession. My…precious.

    Wow, there are still folks posting to, I suddenly feel very old.

  3. I’m told Mike Jittlov had some real-life problems which mirrored the fictitious ones in the feature version of TWOSAT. Producers who didn’t carry through on promises, etc. It’s still a wonderful movie and one of the best things to come out of the 80’s.

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