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[GUEST POST] John Mierau Explores What Happened After “War of the Worlds” in ASUNDER

johnmierauJohn writes character-based speculative fiction (anything with aliens, monsters or alternate somethings in it). His first pro sale was ‘Marked Men’, to the DAW anthology Slipstreams. His first published novel was the near-future SF thriller Subversion: Book 1 of the Enemy Lines. He is creator and ‘show-runner’ of the Walk The Fire SF anthology series, featuring collaborations with other authors and narrators. John gives away chapters of his latest story free at

Patronage is how professional artistry started, and it’s returned with a vengeance in the digital age. After a successful Kickstarter and other crowdfunding efforts John found, where patrons provide a coffee’s worth of support every month in exchange for advance access, patron-exclusive fiction and more. Plus, there’s always a free story to read at


by John Mierau

What happened *after* H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds?

On the brink of humanity’s annihilation, bacteria miraculously wiped out our alien overlords. The human race was saved, and then…what?

I wrote ‘Asunder’ to answer those questions.

‘War of the Worlds’ took place not long after the American civil war (and the death of Oscar Wilde). It tackles the clash of religion and science, British imperialism, race relations and social Darwinism, and a heckuvalot more.

And of course, there’s bloodthirsty invading aliens, spaceships and death-ray-blasting tripod-mechs.

Asunder‘ is set a year after the end of a similar failed alien invasion. It features a black American sea captain and former slave, a brilliant and openly gay scientist and a cast of survivors working in secret to complete a project involving reclaimed alien technology.

Us human types are very good at filling social or geographical vacuums. When the Great Wall fell, ending the Cold War, popular culture mined the news of the day for stories of criminal enterprises trafficking in stolen Russian nukes, and the chaos that quickly eroded the bonds of the Soviet Union.

How would the survivors of a worldwide apocalypse react in the vacuum left by alien invaders? What would happen to the balance between governments, criminal enterprises, high seas pirates, when beam weapons and flying machines were lying on the ground for the taking?

Once the dying aliens dropped their weapons and hightailed it back into space, would a few unsavory or downtrodden groups pick up that tech and use it to better their station in life?

Now, you can listen to the complete, unabridged audiobook of ‘Asunder‘ for free and find out for yourself.

Between now and February 17th I’m making the entire, 10 episode run of ‘Asunder’ a free listen at Next week, it will become a patron exclusive again, along with five years of other stories and audiobooks.

Almost every week of the year I offer a new story, or chapter of a serial adventure, free to readers and listeners at Patrons get those stories (a week or two in advance) for a dollar or more a month–as well as other exclusive content only available to patrons.

I’m an author and narrator, and I make a living narrating audiobooks for other creators, but I believe in digital patronage. Crowdfunding has successfully launched novels and movies and products, but can it launch and sustain a career? Patreon has connected creators in other genres a reliable monthly income stream from the patrons who love their work… but not for authors.

Not yet.

In 2015 I want to become the world’s first author making a living monthly wage directly serving his patrons.

‘Asunder’ tells the story of a world picking up the pieces, but they’ll never fit together the same again. It’s full of adventure, and friendship, and hatred and danger.

I hope you’ll come to to enjoy ‘Asunder‘. I hope you’ll stay awhile after you do, and check out my complete, 60-episode space opera serial adventure ‘Farlost‘ (also free for now). There’s a sequel to ‘Asunder‘ waiting in the wings. There’s more to come in my ‘Enemy Lines’ series too, and many exciting collaborations with other authors and narrators in my shared world anthology series ‘Walk The Fire’.

I hope you will become my patron, and help me tell all those stories, and more.

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5 Comments on [GUEST POST] John Mierau Explores What Happened After “War of the Worlds” in ASUNDER

  1. Jack Kerouac // February 16, 2015 at 8:42 pm //

    A black sea captain and an openly gay scientist. I’m about as socially liberal as it gets and you lost me right there. The author obviously cares about his social justice credentials more than his story, so thanks but no thanks.

    • Paul Weimer (@PrinceJvstin) // February 19, 2015 at 11:13 am //

      I suppose a list of counterexamples to your conception of history and historical characters would be pointless.

      Sorry to hear, Jack.

    • One person of color and one queer character is all it takes to hit your “socially liberal” threshold. That’s really too bad.

    • I agree with you so much Jack, that I’m signing up right now on John’s Patreon account. By which I mean, to counter homophobia and racism, I’m supporting a really good author.

  2. Glad you got out before I published the sequel ‘Jack’… your social liberalism would have melted with what I do to Madame Curie 🙂

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