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HIVE FIVE: Kickstart SF’s Worst Hive Mind!

HiveFiveDing-Ding was a panda who’d be dead right now were it not for a miraculous brain transplant. The only donor available was a human who must have seen a lot of motivational speakers in her past life. Of course, Ding-Ding’s braincase had to be expanded and microscopic construction workers were still working on it now. The Panda’s already big head was now shaved bare and extended up and back. The thousands of bots doing the work made his scalp look like it was crawling with insects. They’d said they would be done weeks ago, but then there was the mis-shipped order of panda skull stucco and then there was a problem with the microscopic contractor not paying the workers on time, and then, and then, and then. Ding-Ding’s head was a hideous mess. But he was good people.


Do you dig funny science fiction novels? Do you love Douglas Adams, but admit you might enjoy something new after your thirtieth Hitchhiker’s re-read?

Hive Five is a novel about Ding-Ding the panda and four human friends who are part of a hive mind that is not very good at being a hive mind. They can’t even assimilate last night’s dinner. This is all well and good as long as they can keep their enemies—e.g. goals and ambitions—at bay. But what happens when a computer that’s capable of loving more than any mere organic being moves into town?

Nothing, actually.

But then what if that computer loves up and lures away everyone our Hive Mind has ever leaned on for hugs and finding their socks? Then it’s time to kick some butt with multiple pairs of synchronized bare feet!

My name is Matthew Sanborn Smith. I’m a writer and a podcaster. Hive Five is mostly sitting in my brain right now, but with your help, I can birth this baby with a minimum of hot water and sheets. Check out the novel’s Kickstarter page and kick in, or just spread the word. If it funds, Hive Five will be ready for your eager eyeballs this summer. Your eyes will be ready, but will your mind?

Spoiler: It will!

Say what? Your ears still aren’t convinced? Tell them to listen to this:

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