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Neil Clarke Launches New Digital-Only SF Mag Called “Forever Magazine”

So what do you do if you already run an award-winning magazine? If you’re Neil Clarke, you launch another one. Clarke, the creator of Clarkesworld Magazine, has just announced that he will be spreading his editorial wings by launching Forever Magazine, a monthly digital-only reprint science fiction magazine that will feature a novella and two short stories in each issue.

Just like Clarkesworld, Clarke will make Forever Magazine available through subscriptions (via Amazon, Weightless, and Direct) and also as standalone issues (from Amazon, Apple, B&N, and Kobo).

The first issue features the following fiction:

  • “The Regular” by Ken Liu (novella)
  • “The Fate of Mice” by Susan Palwick (short story)
  • “Firebrand” by Peter Watts (short story)

Ron Guyatt is the featured artist for at least the first six issues.

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  1. The first issue is available for free in epub or mobi/Kindle format (click the “announced” link in this article to find the download links).

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