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Short Film: Follow The Camera

“Follow The Camera” is a near-future science fiction thriller from former Industrial Light & Magic employee Bastiaan Koch. Koch left ILM in 2011 to found Marauder Film where he has written, produced and directed a number of short films since. The project is concept film for what Koch hope will one day be picked up as a feature film.

“Follow The Camera” is set in a future San Francisco in which domestic droids have become commonplace amidst the aftermath of an attack on the city.  Criminal prosecutor Elisabeth Adelman faces off againstt her sister’s husband Steven Forcyth, the chief architect of the Fortune 500 company Immutech Robotics, who is pursuing plans to release an unprecedented new autonomous system to market. The story is told from multiple perspectives that add up to a much bigger story than is initially apparent.

“An attack on San Francisco sets off a mystery that’s unraveled by following various types of devices and social media.

Follow The Camera is a Carol Reed/Hitchcock inspired thriller where domestic droids are commonplace. Criminal attorney Elisabeth Adelman must face her sister’s husband, Steven Forcyth in the tech-case of the century. Steven, the chief architect of Fortune 500 company Immutech Robotics, plans to save his company by releasing an unprecedented new autonomous product.”

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