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Table of Contents: DIABOLICAL PLOTS (Year One) edited by David Steffen

We’re very excited to present the Table of Contents for Diabolical Plots, edited by our very own David Steffen, which is a fiction segment that will be added to his current e-zine.

About Diabolical Plots (from David Steffen):

I’ve been thinking about publishing original fiction for a while. I’ve been publishing nonfiction for almost seven years now, but fiction is what I love to read the most and so that’s what I would most like to publish. But I wanted it to be original fiction, and I wanted to pay professional rates for it, so it took some time to work out the financial details. All of the stories were judged without author names attached, so the final selections had nothing to do with publication history or marketing potential in a recognizable name. I’m quite happy with the eclectic mix of the final twelve. Some of the authors are well-established with known names. For others this is their first fiction publication. There’s a good balance of women and men authors. There’s a mix of quiet, contemplative stories and funny stories and action stories. There’s a mix of fantasy and science fiction and a touch of horror. I’m very excited to provide a venue for these twelve stories and I hope readers like them as much as I do. I’ll be setting up a Patreon page very soon and I hope that readers who like my story choices will consider chipping in there or with recurring PayPal donations–if the financials work out, I’ll open for submissions again to continue uninterrupted to year two.

Here’s the table of contents:

March: “Taste the Whip” by Andy Dudak

April: “Virtual Blues” by Lee Budar-Danoff

May: “In Memoriam” by Rachel Reddick

June: “The Princess in the Basement” by Hope Erica Schultz

July: “Not a Bird” by H.E. Roulo

August: “The Superhero Registry” by Adam Gaylord

September: “A Room for Lost Things” by Chloe N. Clark

October: “The Grave Can Wait” by Thomas Berubeg

November: “Giraffe Cyborg Cleans House!” by Matthew Sanborn Smith

December: “St. Roomba’s Gospel” by Rachael K. Jones

January: “The Osteomancer’s Husband” by Henry Szabranski

February: “May Dreams Shelter Us” by Kate O’Connor

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