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Available as eBooks for the First Time: Jessica Amanda Salmonson’s Classic Fantasy Trilogy THE TOMOE GOZEN SAGA

Next month, Open Road Media is releasing the first-ever eBook editions of Jessica Amanda Salmonson’s classic historical fantasy trilogy The Tomoe Gozen Saga, comprised of:

  1. The Disfavored Hero
  2. The Golden Naginata
  3. Thousand Shrine Warrior

Jessica Amanda Salmonson is a recipient of the World Fantasy Award, the Lambda Literary Award, and the ReaderCon Certificate. She is a biblical scholar, atheist, vegetarian, progressive, and collector of samurai movies. The Tomoe Gozen Saga is set in an alternate universe resembling feudal Japan. It blend together the real-life female samurai Tomoe Gozen with Japanese mythology to create create an action-adventure fantasy story.

Synopses follow…

Forced to betray her lord, a disgraced samurai fights to regain her honor

In the fabled land of Naipon, there is no warrior more feared, no samurai more respected than the legendary Tomoe Gozen, whose twin blades can change the course of any battle. After years of service to Lord Shigeno, she is about to renew her oath of loyalty when the sky darkens and a cry of rebellion comes from the hills. Possessed by an evil wizard, the peasants are marching against their master. Tomoe holds off the wave of pitchfork-wielding farmers for as long as she can. Finally, the battle overwhelms her, and the greatest samurai in Naipon falls dead.

She awakes in hell, on a slope lined with bloody corpses. After an eternity of fighting, she reaches the summit and finds herself in the chamber of a wizard who restores her to life. She is alive—but now she must do his bidding. Her honor has been shattered, but Tomoe Gozen will do whatever it takes to win it back.

For the sake of an enchanted sword, Tomoe revolts against her father

In all of Naipon, there is no samurai more famous than Tomoe Gozen. Her skill with the blade is legendary, her honor unquestioned, and evil men everywhere fear her name.

No challenge is too great for Tomoe, but she is not ready for marriage. When her father announces that he has arranged a match for her—one that will mean laying aside her sword—Tomoe responds as she always does when her life is threatened: she draws her twin blades.

After fighting her way out of her father’s house, Tomoe meets Azo Hono-o, a female samurai who plans to make a name for herself by killing Tomoe Gozen. Tomoe convinces Azo to join forces with her, and together they set out across Naipon in search of a golden sword, which they will use to carve a place for themselves in a man’s world.

Tomoe turns to religion to escape her past, but destiny is not through with her yet

The young girl crashes through the underbrush, desperate to escape the cackling soldiers at her back. After catching her in a tryst with a local farm boy, they intend to execute her for her sin. She runs for as long as she can, finally collapsing outside a shrine where a traveling nun sits with her flute. When the soldiers arrive, the nun sets her flute aside, drawing a legendary sword. She kills the men easily and sets the young girl free. Though she tried to avoid it, Tomoe Gozen has shed blood once again.

After countless battles and endless wandering, this legendary samurai has renounced Bushido and taken the oaths of a wandering nun. But though she disguises herself as a mendicant, trouble will find her still. Tomoe must engage in one last fight—this time for the sake of her soul.

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  1. This is wonderful news! One of my favourite books of childhood, I stumbled across Tomoe Gozen (Book 1) in a thrift store again a few months ago and fell in love with it all over again. Jessica Amanda Salmonson became one of my favourite authors and I’ve read much of her work over the years including a recent collection of Northwest and Salish folk legends… but Tomoe Gozen still holds a special place in my heart, and I’m so glad that it’s becoming accessible to a whole new generation. Kudos Open Road Media.

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