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C.T. Adams Chats About Her New Book THE EXILE (Book of the Fae)

C.T. Adams is a U.S.A. Today Bestselling Author who writes both individually and as co-author with Cathy L Clamp. C.T.s first solo book, The Exile, was released on March 10th by Tor. C.T. kindly answered a few of my questions about her new book, The Exile

Kristin Centorcelli: Will you tell us a little about The Exile and what inspired you to write it?

C.T. Adams: The Exile is the first book in the Fae series. It’s a new series that incorporates both a fantasy world (Faerie) with Urban Fantasy in the human world. It’s a blend I’ve been wanting to try for some time now. And I have to admit I’ve really enjoyed working in both halves of Brianna Hai’s world. Brianna is half human, half Sidhe, and a very strong woman. I’ve really enjoyed writing her story, and exploring some of the more fantastic creatures of Faerie as well.

KC: You not only write books under your own name, but you also write as Cat Adams with Cathy Clamp, and you’ve written about all sorts of supernatural creatures. Why did you choose to write about the fae in the new series?

CTA: I wanted the chance to explore a truly alien culture that was both similar to ours and very, very different, and get into the head space of the kind of dangerous creatures that would inhabit that world.

KC: Why do you think Brianna Hai is a compelling protagonist?

CTA: Brianna has always been caught between her human and Sidhe heritages, and has had to struggle to find a way to balance both sides of her nature. She is a very strong individual, extremely loyal, intelligent, but not nearly as crafty as some of her full-blooded Faerie relatives. Seeing her come into her own over the course of the series is a real challenge to write, but very rewarding.

KC: What supporting characters did you enjoy writing the most?

CTA: Pug and the Diamond King are wonderful, but I was really surprised by how much I liked Moash, King of the Doxies. And King Leu of the Sidhe stole my heart (and threatened to steal the show, LOL).

KC: Did you do any particular research for the book?

CTA: Every book and every series requires research—often of things you don’t expect until they crop up. Weapons and their use are a given, since I’m no expert in them. Police procedures are a challenge, and I had to check with an officer I know to make sure I wasn’t making egregious errors. The next book is in process and I’m researching a number of large abandoned sites for use. It’s a lot of fun.

KC: When you started writing The Exile, did you already have in mind how many books you’d like to write for the series, or will you just see where the narrative takes you?

CTA: I have a general plan/outline for the first three books or so. After that, if the response is good, I will work out more.

KC: What do you enjoy most about writing, and reading, SFF?

CTA: The endless and limitless possibilities intrigue me. Humanizing science, too.

KC: What are you currently reading? Are there any books you’re looking forward to this year?

CTA: Right now I’m in the throes of edits for the next Blood Singer book: All Your Wishes, promo for the release of The Exile and writing the second book of the Fae series. SO, I don’t have a ton of time to read at the moment. But I had bronchitis a few weeks ago and was flat on my back for several days in a row. While I was sick I did a complete re-read of my Dick Francis novels and several Robert B. Parker books as well. I’ve also been reading a lot of non-fiction business related books.

I always look forward to anything that comes out from Charlaine Harris, Jim Butcher and Rachel Caine. There are so many wonderful authors out there. I can’t ever seem to catch up with my TBR pile—especially since I’m inclined to re-read favorites when I’m in need of “comfort reads.”

KC: What’s next for you?

CTA: Well, as I mentioned, I have the next Celia Graves novel in edits, and am writing the next Fae novel. I’ve also been working on a collection of my short stories—including one that may well be the launching point for my next series. It’s a very exciting time for me.

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