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[GUEST POST] Convention Attention: Dallas ComicCon Fan Days

This month’s column comes from SFSignal’s very own Kristin Centorcelli, who recently attended Dallas ComicCon Fan Days. A large scale media based event, ComicCon is loaded with TV and Movie stars, cosplayers, photo ops, gaming, anime, independent comic artists, and ten thousand of your closest friends. But I’ll let Kristin tell you all the details!

Dallas ComicCon fan days

Dallas ComicCon Fan Days

by Kristin Centorcelli

Today I’m basically bringing attention to the fact that I’m a convention noob. It’s true. Now that I’ve braved the DFW ComicCon Fan Days, I’ve been to a total of two. Mainly for the reason of, er, usually not having the money to buy a ticket. However, this time, there was a big draw (at least for me): the chance to meet Melissa McBride, who plays Carol on The Walking Dead. I’m a Team Carol girl all the way (well, one foot in Team Carol and the other in Team Daryl-it is what it is.)

Dallas ComicCon Fan Days was held Feb. 7-8 at Irving Convention Center, an odd, fairly large building in exciting Las Colinas. This, at first glance, might seem like a mini-con, but there were a TON of people there, and the major names on the roster were Stephen Amell, Colin Baker, John Barrowman, Emma Caulfield, Terry Farrell, Alex Heartman, Christopher Judge, Melissa McBride, Nichelle Nichols, Ken Page, Billie Piper, Azim Rizk, and Chris Sarandon.

Anyway, onto the con! With my two stalwart companions, Chelsea of Vampire Book Club and Christine, we braved the vast halls of the Irving Convention Center, in search of, if not enlightenment, at least for a brush with someone famous. We got a brush, but I’ll get to that later. First came me and my gaping jaw as I took in everything around me. So many people! So many people in costume!!! The urge to just sit down on the floor and people watch for the rest of the day was pretty attractive (especially after we were there for a few hours, walking around in Converse sneakers, but I digress…)

Anyone know these guys?

Anyone know these guys?

We did some pictures, which was fun. I got my picture taken with two brawny guys in fairy costume, which was rather awesome. They give great hugs (I’m always up for great hugs) and I’m bummed because they gave me their card and it got misplaced, so if anyone recognizes this lovely twosome, let me know. The DFW Ghostbusters were in the house, and they were delightful, and of course, lots of storm troopers, Doctor Who, etc roaming the halls. We had a lot of fun just seeing what there was to see until we needed to get in place for the main events, which, for us, were Melissa McBride (I’m a big TWD fan) and Stephen Amell. We purchased a photo op with Melissa and lined up early after lunch (food trucks, took forever, got wind whipped while eating outside.) So, we stood in a crush of people for a while to see Melissa, took the photo (which took about 5 seconds), and were on our way. As little time we got to actually see her, it was still very, very cool. She also looked gorjus (see below.)

with Kristin and Chelsea

Melissa McBride with  Chelsea and Kristin

After Melissa came the other big event of the day, which was the Q&A with Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow on CW’s The Arrow. More waiting in a crush of people… But! It was totally worth it! This surprised me, because I haven’t been watching Arrow (Chelsea is a fan), but Stephen Amell is so interesting and so sweet to his fans, that it really was a highlight of the day. Also, it totally made me want to start binge watching Arrow. This Q&A wrapped up our day, and all in all, it was a really fun time. Lots to see, lots to do, and lots of very nice people geeking out over their favorite stuff. What could possibly be better?

Anyone seen the Doctor?

Anyone seen the Doctor?

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