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Listen to Leonard Nimoy Reading Ray Bradbury


It’s still a little hard to believe he’s gone. Thankfully, through the magic of YouTube, we can be with him again.

Here’s Leonard Nimoy reading four short fiction stories by Ray Bradbury:

  • “There Will Come Soft Rains”
  • “Usher II” from “The Martian Chronicles”
  • “The Veldt”
  • “Marionettes Inc.”

These were recorded back in an age when mankind was restricted to audio recorded on pressed pieces of grooved plastic called “record albums”. (Look it up, kids!) The first two recordings appeared on the album The Martian Chronicles. The other two appeared on The Illustrated Man.


[via Open Culture]

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5 Comments on Listen to Leonard Nimoy Reading Ray Bradbury

  1. Awesome, are there any other on here by Leonard Nimoy on here you could direct me to?

  2. Mark Stephenson // March 17, 2015 at 8:27 pm //

    These are good, but his reading of Heinlein’s “The Green Hills of Earth” and “Gentlemen Be Seated,” another old Caedmon LP, is awesome, as it the album cover by Kelly Freas! From the same time frame, William Shatner read the first chapter of Asimov’e “Foundation,” in which Gaal Dornick first meets Hari Seldon on Trantor, with another truly awesome album cover by Rick Sternback. Great stuff.

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