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SF/F/H Link Post: It Follows discussion and Rise of the Female Action Hero

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1 Comment on SF/F/H Link Post: It Follows discussion and Rise of the Female Action Hero

  1. I found the article about female action heroes in film pretty basic.

    It lacks context and history:
    “The Hunger Games series has made $1.1 billion domestically and helped pioneer the female action hero.”

    Pioneer. Female. Action hero.

    Charity would be to assume the author meant to follow pioneer with “serious” or the entire mystifying group of words with “in a critically acclaimed box office hit”, but reality is a world in which Alien exists. (Remember when Tomb Raider movie came out? And then other studios jumped in with Aeon Flux, Ultraviolet, etc? Yeah, me neither.)

    I like seeing the Hunger Games and especially Divergent series reveling in action-oriented advertising, of a variety other than the kind focused on the lead’s sexy body, but let us not be lazy in framing the problems or progress.

    If these films are paving a way, it is on ground that has already been broken. Especially when you consider all the examples cited are adaptations, meaning books and other media are where the real movement is happening.

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