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[Short Film] “Row Z” Isn’t Your Typical Zombie Flick

“Row Z” isn’t your typical zombie flick. Rather than focusing on slaughtering zombies, “Row Z” focuses on the psychological trauma of characters living out their lives amid the horror of a zombie apocalypse. This psychological horror film follows a family coping with the end of the world by trying to re-create an old family tradition – match day. Michael and his father George set out to relive one of their happier memories. They grab a pint at the pub, place their bets, and head out to watch the match. When Michael takes to the pitch to recapture a moment of normality, however, the stadium is quickly overrun by zombie hordes. In a bittersweet ending, Michael, lost in his memories of the past, sees them as fans, congratulating him on the score.

By defying genre conventions, Rhodes has achieved a refreshing take on zombie films. What’s really impressive, is that this film was shot at an actual stadium and funded through KickStarter.

“Row Z is a psychological drama based in a post-evacuation Britain, 15% of the population managed to evacuate while the remaining were abandoned by the government and were left to be devoured by the biological epidemic that took the lives of millions. Michael and his father, to his knowledge, are the only survivors that remain in the South-West of England. He looks to retain his humanity and state of mind by holding onto what is dearest to him. Nostalgia guides him and his father to where they attended football games. He journeys through an abandoned city to the stadium so that they may relive one of his happier moments prior to the evacuation.”

Row Z” Written and Directed by Dusty Rhodes

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