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Table of Contents: BLACK WINGS IV Edited by S.T. Joshi

PS Publishing has posted the table of contents for ST Joshi’s upcoming anthology/collection Black Wings IV – New Tales of Lovecraftian Horror:

Here’s the book description:

This fourth instalment of S. T. Joshi’s acclaimed Black Wings series features seventeen stories that continue to elaborate upon the conceptions, motifs, and imagery of H. P. Lovecraft, the most influential writer of weird fiction of the past hundred years. One of Lovecraft’s favourite themes was the tale of archaeological horror, where venturesome explorers unearth hideous secrets of the ancient past that cast a baleful light on the fragility of our own existence. In this volume, a major new novella by the award-winning novelist and poet Fred Chappell, “Artifact,” treats this theme with his customary panache and subtlety, while other writers such as Richard Gavin, Lois H. Gresh, Ann K. Schwader, and Donald Tyson broach the same theme in their own distinctive and diverse ways.

The cosmicism that was at the core of Lovecraft’s vision finds vivid realisation in stories by Caitlín R. Kiernan, Cody Goodfellow, and Melanie Tem. John Pelan and Stephen Mark Rainey have co-written a vivid novelette fusing horror and science fiction, while Will Murray’s tale of governmental espionage leads to a conclusion that bodes ill for the fate of the human race.

Lovecraft was skilled at evoking the terrors inherent in the history and topography of his native New England, and several writers in this volume—notably W. H. Pugmire and Jonathan Thomas—do the same. Jason V Brock finds Lovecraftian terror in Prague, just as Gary Fry locates it in the British countryside.

Lovecraft’s patented motif of the “forbidden book” that reveals secrets too horrible to contemplate is the focus of Darrell Schweitzer’s story of what can be found in an out-of-the-way bookstore, while stories by Simon Strantzas and Stephen Woodworth elaborate on the Lovecraftian themes of immortal “gods” and of dreams that reveal unwelcome truths about ourselves. The book’s final contribution, by Charles Lovecraft, is nothing less than a recasting of Lovecraft’s early tale “The Lurking Fear” in a cycle of twelve sonnets.

Black Wings IV shows that H. P. Lovecraft continues to inspire some of today’s leading writers of weird fiction.

Here’s the table of contents…

  1. “Half Lost in Shadow” by W. H. Pugmire
  2. “The Rasping Absence” by Richard Gavin
  3. “Black Ships Seen South of Heaven” by Caitlín R. Kiernan
  4. “The Dark Sea Within” by Jason V Brock
  5. “Sealed by the Moon’ —Gary Fry
  6. “Broken Sleep” by Cody Goodfellow
  7. “A Prism of Darkness” by Darrell Schweitzer
  8. “Night of the Piper” by Ann K. Schwader
  9. “We Are Made of Stars” by Jonathan Thomas
  10. “Trophy” by Melanie Tem
  11. “Contact” by John Pelan and Stephen Mark Rainey
  12. “Cult of the Dead” by Lois H. Gresh
  13. “Dark Redeemer” by Will Murray
  14. “In the Event of Death” by Simon Strantzas
  15. “Revival” by Stephen Woodworth
  16. “The Wall of Asshur-sin” by Donald Tyson
  17. “Fear Lurks Atop Tempest Mount” by Charles Lovecraft

Book info as per PS Publishing:

  • AN ANTHOLOGY edited by S. T. Joshi
  • CATEGORY Lovecraft inspired Horror
  • PUBLICATION DATE February 2015
  • COVER ART Jason Van Hollander
  • PAGES 339
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