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Table of Contents: EXIGENCIES edited by Richard Thomas

exigenciesHere’s the table of contents for the upcoming short story collection, Exigencies, from Dark House Press, coming up in April, with gorgeous cover art by Daniele Serra and foreword by Chuck Wendig.

About the collection:

Exigencies is an anthology of 23 original neo-noir stories by emerging and established authors that blend literary fiction, fantasy, science fiction, horror, and crime in order to explore an exigency-a desire or need, a crisis, a tipping point. The writing is a hybrid of page turning narratives, layered introspection, and immersive settings, showcasing some of the best new writers of neo-noir.

Here’s the table of contents:

  1. “Wilderness” by Letitia Trent
  2. “Monster Season” by Joshua Blair
  3. “Cat Calls” by Rebecca Jones-Howe
  4. “Ceremony of the White Dog” by Kevin Catalano
  5. “The Armadillo” by Heather Foster
  6. “The Manuscript” by Usman T. Malik
  7. “Single Lens Reflection” by Jason Metz
  8. “The Mother” by Nathan Beauchamp
  9. “Everything in Its Place” by Adam Peterson
  10. “When We Taste of Death” by Damien Angelica Walters
  11. “Figure Eight” by Brendan Detzner
  12. “My Mother’s Condition” by Faith Gardner
  13. “Fragile Magic” by Alex Kane
  14. “The Eye Liars” by Sarah Read
  15. “Searching for Gloria” by W. P. Johnson
  16. “And All Night Long We Have Not Stirred” by Barbara Duffey
  17. “Dull Boy” by David James Keaton
  18. “Brujeria for Beginners” by Marytza Rubio
  19. “Heirloom” by Kenneth Cain
  20. “The Owl and the Cigarette” by Amanda Gowin
  21. “Desert Ghosts” by Mark Jaskowski
  22. “Blood Price” by Axel Taiari


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