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Books Received: April 13, 2015


In the interest of full disclosure (and as seen on Twitter), here are the books we received this week.

  1. Lightspeed Magazine, May 2015 by John Joseph Adams (Editor)
  2. Nightmare Magazine, May 2015 by John Joseph Adams (Editor)
  1. Kaleidotrope Magazine, Spring 2015 by Fred Coppersmith (Editor)
  2. The Liar’s Key (The Red Queen’s War) by Mark Lawrence (Ace)
  1. Darwin’s Watch: The Science of Discworld III: A Novel by Terry Pratchett (Anchor)
  2. The Chronicle of Secret Riven (The Keeper of Tales Trilogy) by Ronlyn Domingue (Atria Books)
  1. The Timekeepers’ War: Book 1 (Volume 1) by S.C. Jensen (Bedlam Press)
  2. Path of the Reliquary (The Horsemen Chronicles: Book 2) (Volume 2) by Ken Scott Smith (Bedlam Press)
  1. Armstrong Dent – Season One by Aéyess (Bestselling Action Adventure Books)
  2. Within These Walls by Ania Ahlborn (Gallery Books)
  1. Killing Pretty: A Sandman Slim Novel by Richard Kadrey (Harper Voyager)
  2. The Warring States (Wave Trilogy) by Aidan Harte (Jo Fletcher Books)
  1. When We Were Animals by Joshua Gaylord (Mulholland Books)
  2. Cut by Rob Bliss (Necro Publications)
  1. Piercing the Darkness Anthology: A Charity Anthology for the Children’s Literacy Initiative by Craig Cook (Editor) (Necro Publications)
  2. The Phantom Cabinet by Jeremy Thompson (Necro Publications)
  1. Coffin Riders by James W. Bodden (Necro Publications)
  2. Blood Savages: A Blackguards Novel – Book 1 by D. Alexander Ward (Necro Publications)
  1. The Best Horror of the Year Volume Seven by (Night Shade Books)
  2. Shower of Stones: A Novel of Jeroun by Zachary Jernigan (Night Shade Books)
  1. Speak Easy by Catherynne M. Valente (Subterranean)
  2. The Great Bazaar & Brayan’s Gold by Peter V Brett (Tachyon Publications)
  1. The Affinities by Robert Charles Wilson (Tor Books)
  2. Voyage of the Basilisk: A Memoir by Lady Trent (A Natural History of Dragons) by Marie Brennan (Tor Books)
  1. The Architect of Aeons (Count to a Trillion) by John C. Wright (Tor Books)
  2. A, B, C: Three Short Novels: The Jewels of Aptor, The Ballad of Beta-2, They Fly at Ciron (Vintage Original) by Samuel R. Delany (Vintage)
  1. Fantastic Stories of the Imagination #226 by Warren Lapine (Editor) (Wilder Publications)
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