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Cooking the Books Double Episode with Fran Wilde (UPDRAFT), V.E. Schwab (A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC), and Jodi Meadows (THE ORPHAN QUEEN)

Authors V.E. Schwab and Jodi Meadowsjoined Fran Wilde on two Cooking the Books podcasts in February and March to celebrate their upcoming books!

V.E. Schwab’s A Darker Shade of Magic has rocketed into multiple reprintings – and you can hear the most excellent discussion of all things tea and world domination in podcast #008.

Jodi Meadows’ The Orphan Queen kicks off her next YA series with a bang – and a discussion of table manners in podcast #009 (plus the most *unusual* recipe).

All our thanks to SFSignal for letting us play in the kitchen. Um. We’ll replace that pot. And the tile. And the lights. Promise.

The ingredients for Cooking the Books podcasts #008 – “Tea(s) in London(s): Cooking the Books with V.E. Schwab” and #009 – “No Cookies for Ferrets: Cooking the Books with Jodi Meadows include:

  • one magical multidimensional coat
  • Lee Pace pictures
  • me trying to pronounce ‘Rhys’ properly and failing
  • one black knife
  • three tons of baked goods
  • bibliophile ferrets
  • one magical silver cloak

Listen below, or at the Cooking the Books website (where you’ll find a recipe from V.E. Schwab), or subscribe to the Cooking the Books feedburner.

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