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I Have the Folio Society Edition of DUNE and it is Truly Magnificent

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There are people who read books and there people who love books.

The former group are people who are into reading stories that are fun, or Literary-with-a-capital-L, or though-provoking, or meaningful, or what have you. They don’t care how they read the book — it could be a borrowed library title or it could be an eBook they take with them on vacation. They’re all about the stories. The second group of people are those whose love of books extends beyond the story and bleeds over in the physical book itself. These are the “Book as Object” folks who are collectors (whether serious or casual) and biblioholics (looks at self).

If you fall into that latter category you’ll want to know about The Folio Society, a high-end book publisher founded in 1947. Think of them as the Rolls Royce of the book world. The Folio Society specializes in creating finely-crafted editions of literary works, including (fans of this blog will be pleased to learn) speculative fiction titles. Their books are produced with the primary goals of being high quality and long-lasting, from production through packaging. Take a look at their catalog — and especially some of the speculative fiction titles and you’ll see what I mean. (Leave yourself some time. You’re gonna get lost over there. Seriously.)

I had the opportunity to see one of these books first-hand. I received a copy of Frank Herbert’s science fiction classic Dune. Being a “Book as Object” kind of guy, I’m not ashamed to admit it caught my breath a little when I saw it. It’s simply beautiful. It comes in a heavy duty slipcase adorned by a sample image of Sam Weber’s excellent artwork — more of which appears within its high-grade pages. (Another sampling is shown below.) There are 11 color illustrations throughout the novel, as well as a nice handful of black and white drawings accomapnying the crisp, clear text. Weber’s images really capture a unique and realistic feel for the story. (Translation: No bikini-clad Sting.) The book itself feels hefty and substantial, something that feels better just for being there. It’s truly a book lover’s dream edition of a science fiction classic.

I’ll stop here so you can just soak up the awesomeness contained herein…

[Images by Sam Weber for The Folio Society edition of Dune © 2015]

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4 Comments on I Have the Folio Society Edition of DUNE and it is Truly Magnificent

  1. OMG, I have to have that! I love Folio Society editions and that one looks legit. Thanks for posting it in time for Father’s Day.

  2. Looks nice, but the art is nowhere the level of beauty of the John Schoenherr artwork that graced the original (Chilton) edition and a few other editions (such as the Easton Press edition).

  3. What Fred said. IMO Really, really disappointing when compared to others – for example, the Gollancz edition with the Schoenherr art or the Easton Press edition. And £75 ($110?) is a HUGE price to pay.

  4. Harry Blanchard // May 2, 2015 at 8:23 am //

    Anything that comes in a slip case makes me suspicious: namely, that it doesn’t really want you to read it. And somehow, for a book, that seems wrong. Very wrong. But, I think, despite having a house so full of books they’re falling out the windows, I confess I am not an actual Collector. But, perhaps, more than any award or review, the fact that a book gets picked up by vendors such as this is a good yardstick of what the “classics” are in our genre?

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